Officiously prancing around the pitch, Nigerian Future Actors (NFA) got excited as over 170 million Naijas converged on the turf of play in Abuja stadium to watch opposing teams’ trade tackles for the 2019 coveted trophy. The excitement was understandable as both Teams APC and PDP football clubs (FCs) finalists to the competition were boastfully haughty to coast home with the highest crown.

But deep down the heart, each side of the 11 players knew it’s a tough game which cannot be won on tricks. What was certain in the minds of players for the cup of United Nigerian League (UNL) 2019 in Abuja was that after 90 minutes, a winner must emerge for the much sought-after national trophy.

The match had gone 20 minutes after half time and 70 minutes (three years) of play, with team APC leading with three goals to zero against PDP FC, perpetual fault-finders, who kept complaining about bad weather and excess heat. Center referee, Chief Scribe Boss watched in awe as top scorer Mai Geskiya headed towards the goal post again, angling for another goal to the amazement of PDP FC’s Team Manager, OBJ.

Spectators at the viewing center where we were watching finals of the UNL, transmitted live, screamed in deafening chants of excitements. Some roared in rapturous ecstasy, shouting and clapping, as they surged towards the TV screen.

Viewing Center Manager was scared at the possibility of damage to his TV screen by excited fans, and attempted to push back the spectators. But they overpowered him, as loud chants of victory for APC FC fans overwhelmingly rented the air.

“Ooooh! He has scored again”, a PDP FC fan lamented. “Before nko, you tink say Baba no go score the goal? I trust am,” says an ardent Mai Geskiya fan.

And fans of the APC in Aso went berserk chanting “We don win, we don win.” And soon it was 90 minutes of play and at the blast of the final whistle, APC FC coasted home to victory with four goals on security, economy, anti-corruption and youth empowerment, against PDP FC’s zero goal. “It’s a heartbreaking victory”, radio commentators remarked.

Sports reporters besieged OBJ, PDP’s Team manager for his comments. He snubbed them initially. But when the pressure became consistent and irresistible, he screamed back, “the center referee was bias and approved goals scored illegally. For now, I reserve my comments, until I consult our proprietors. But surely, we must petition FIFA. We can’t allow Team APC to just walk away with this victory, no matter how good, as far as we are concerned.”

“Why sir?, ” reporters quipped. “ Can’t you see; you don’t have eyes to see how the Center referee was freely dishing out red cards to PDP players, through Magu, magu,” OBJ retorted.
Getting angrier, he added, “that was what they did in 2015 to our best striker, Zidane Jonathan and they are repeating it again in 2019. FIFA must hear this!”

A week later, OBJ petitioned FIFA through CAF against the victory of APC FC and widely circulated the contents of the letter in Naija. FIFA’s fact-finding team visited Naija and surreptitiously investigated the matter, but could not find anything to substantiate OBJ’s allegations. The FIFA team confirmed from Naijas that the four goals Mai Geskiya scored in security, economy, anti-corruption and youth empowerment were genuine and verifiable.

FIFA submitted its report and copied CAF. It sanctioned and, banned PDP FC from future participation in subsequent World Cup competitions and any other football activity for the duration of eight years for raising false and maliciously, unconfirmed allegations. FIFA fined PDP FC to return part of the appearance fees given to the club or be liable for the offence of looting Naija.

Exasperated, a Second -durary thought came to the rescue, but rather dared FIFA and CAF over the decision. The Secondus agreed PDP erred in the petition, but returning Naija’s gate fees is not a wise decision and not part of their culture. And also, banning PDP FC from future World Cup participation is illegal, unconstitutional, and repugnant to natural justice and against the run of fair play, justice and equity.

By its mournful diction and pitied by CAF, the African football body prevailed on FIFA to allow wailing PDP FC to future in local leagues only, at the relegation stage for governorship and legislative competitions’.

Excited at the leverage offered to PDP FC through CAF’s compassionate intervention, Secondus staged public demonstration in Naija, displaying his club players as fit and competent to participate in the 2019 World Cup hosted by Naija.

A listening CAF challenged PDP FC to publicly present its acclaimed fit players for scrutiny, with thoughts of a possible review of the earlier ban. To CAF and Naija’s amazement, Team PDP recalled sold strikers, who could not withstand the spiritual cleansing in Team APC and jumped bail. Those they recalled were players who could no longer cope with the new template or creed of morality on the field of play.

CAF protested and vowed never to give attention to the lamentations’ of PDP FC anymore. Irked infinitely, PDP FC regretted how Zidane Jonathan, Samuel Okparaji Wike and Ahmed Fayose wacked their senses to lose Peter Rufai, their best midfielder, and award winning defender, Samuel Eto Ameachi and the cherished goalkeeper Petre Cech Wamakko and coy.

Match commissioner Jose Mourinho Asiwaju held unto these best players tightly, refusing to resale them to PDP FC. Instead, JM Asiwaju offered them Number Three back-up striker, Taiye Taiwo Busara , but they complained that he is an unstable character and a betrayal. “Bu Sara has injury right now oooh!,” shouts Team Manager, OBJ.

Searching further, PDP FC eyed Daniel Kwankwasiniyya, but were told he is also toeing Abedi Pele’s footsteps. He is contemplating hanging his boots before finals in 2019. His home Captain, El Hadji Diouf Ganduje had relegated him for so long and not been in form for 3 years.

And greedily, the Atiku-lated at their free take has continued to insist that he is fit for the game, but CAF doctors say, he would be taking a big risk, as his physique is weak and heartbeat, very irregular and unsuitable for the game, which has become digital. He is officially advised to retire like Cameroonian Roger Miller, and groom any of his sons for future World Cup competitions.

“Ahmed Musa ” Fayose shouted no! It cannot happen in his life time. But his case has proven to be worse, as NFA disqualified him as unfit to feature, quite early in the day. His recalcitrant antecedents and mannerlessness nailed him, as it unpardonably offended the goons in PDP FC in Ekiti-gate.

CAF has already forwarded his petition to FIFA for necessary advice. The many sins that may count against him include doping, match-fixing and public obstruction of law and order during matches. If adjudged guilty by FIFA, he is likely to face CAF lawyers in court by 2018.

His poster boy and agent, FFK was disqualified alongside with him and FIFA is also contemplating sending him to the anti-corruption unit in Zurich, a branch of which is domiciled in Kuje. John FFK ( Not the American John F Kennedy) is said to have been unable to account for gate-fees of the last World Cup from the airport, in his custody, and stretched further to dip his filthy fingers in funds of the security committee of Naija, what many believe is arms fraud.

Frustrated, Team manager OBJ has deserted PDP FC, seeking relevance in Socially Destructive People (SDP).

So, having performed brilliantly at the UNL, Lionel Buhari who won the best player award in 2003, 2007 and 2011 is still soaring and roaring, as the only qualified and accredited striker, faultlessly recognized by CAF and FIFA. The world is excited about his mercilessly strikes in Sambisa FC where the Army FC which he captained several years ago and serving as senior Captain to Ronaldinho Buratai made amazing penalty saves and scoring every minute of the match.

Lionel Buhari is making it to the 2019 CAF cup finals unchallenged. And with him leading the team, Naija is assured of more bumper harvest of goals and eventual lifting of the trophy of development and prosperity.

Citizen AP reports for TheNigerian News London