The dust is yet to settle on the purported confession of Nigerian-Canada-based singer and dancer, Stephanie Otobo over her alleged sex scandal with Apostle Johnson Suleman, the founder of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide.
Recall that in March last year, Ms. Otobo has accused the man of God of being her secret lover, impregnating her in the process after promising marriage and later forced her to drink a concoction which made her lose the baby.
In the mother of all revelations, Ms. Otobo had also released screenshots of chats she had with the Edo State-born man of God including voice chats, flights tickets paid by him, hotel receipts and even the receipt of a car he bought for her.
She had also said that Apostle Suleman had gone to her family to seek for her hand in marriage all in a bid to make her believe him and go into a sexual relationship with him.
However, a few days ago, Ms. Otobo had, in a confession during a crusade at the Fire and Miracle Night of Omega Fire Ministries’ International Worship Centre in Auchi, Edo State, said she was paid by some politicians and enemies of the man of God to blackmail him.
Though she did not mention the people behind the blackmail, the church media department had posted the confessional video on YouTube which they said had vindicated the man of God.
But in an interview she had with Sahara Reporters a few days later, Ms. Otobo recanted the said confession, claiming that she was told by Apostle Suleman to make the false confession against the Nigerian government and top politicians.
In the new video which has now gone viral, Ms. Otobo said she was phoned by Apostle Suleiman’s agents in Canada, US, and Nigeria, urging her to return to Nigeria and tell the lies that had been scripted by the preacher.
According to her, when the pressure on her was unbearable, she decided to visit Nigeria to make the confession.

Speaking in the video, Ms. Otobo who thanked those who have supported her all along, stated that Apostle Suleman was pressuring her family and others to lie that the government was behind the scandal. She added that she didn’t know how far the man of God could go to extract a confession from her and that the fear for her life and the safety of her family made her play along with him.
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