Abandoned Baby
Abandoned Baby
A wicked mother abandoned this baby inside a gutter

It was a show of tears, sorrow, and curses following the discovery of a newborn baby girl dumped inside a gutter in the Agege area of Lagos State.
According to a Facebook user, Declan Ihekaire, the newborn baby was discovered on the morning of Thursday, February 1, 2018, from a gutter where she was dumped at Funmilayo Bus Stop, Orile-Agege.
Ihekaire, rights activist who posted the story on his page, said he found the crying baby wrapped in a sack inside the dirty water at 5:30 am.
Ihekaire who resides in the area said on getting close to the gutter, he was shocked to find the baby and quickly put a call to the Divisional Police Officer, (DPO), of the Elere Police Station, as well as the Lagos State emergency response number.
He narrated that as soon as the DPO rushed to the scene, the newborn baby was removed and transferred to the Orile-Agege General Hospital.
“Around 5:30 am, a security man on my street banged on my gate. I came out and asked him what the matter was.
He explained that there was the cry of a baby from the gutter outside. I followed him there and found out that it was actually a baby.
I cordoned off the place and called the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Elere Police Station, Agege, Mrs. Regina.
I need to show appreciation to the DPO of Elere. She’s a strong woman. Despite the fact that it was very early in the morning, she still picked my call and responded swiftly.
She arrived the scene with her men and the baby was moved to Orile Agege general hospital. Right now, the baby is in a stable state. What a good way to start a new month?

Abandoned Baby
The abandoned baby being rescued

However, I also want to register my displeasure with a hospital very close to the scene. I sent emissaries there who beckoned to the nurses on duty to give the baby first aid after we removed her from the gutter, but they refused to come. They said the hospital is a private one.
I pray the parents of this innocent baby are traced and arrested.”