Bolaji is worried his mother would destroy his marriage

“Dear Editor,
My name is Bolaji, a 37-year-old man. I am the only son of my parents and all through my life, my parents, especially my mother, have been running my life for me.
While I was growing up, I basked in the attention my parents gave me, thinking they loved me so much and always wanted the best for me, not knowing they were indirectly destroying my life.
I could not keep friends they did not approve of; I could not go out with my friends unless someone accompanied me and I was not free to indulge in anything without my mother giving me the go-ahead.
As I grew into a young adult, I began to rebel against such smothering but it was to no avail as I had already given her too much room.
After I graduated and got a job, my mother’s next scheme was for me to get married early so as to give her grandchildren. Then began the quest for a wife for me and the ladies she selected were either her friend’s spoilt daughters or women she practically selected herself.
But none of these women appealed to me as I was in a relationship with Ranti and had promised to marry her.
When I brought her home to meet my parents, my mother found everything wrong with Ranti and insisted I was not going to marry as she is not her choice.
But I insisted on marrying Ranti because we were so much in love and nothing could stop us, not even my mother.
For once in my life, I put my foot down and got married to Ranti but since my marriage, my mother has not given my wife and I a breathing space.
She comes to my house every day to tell her what to do and what not to do. She frowns at everything my wife does and keeps telling her she is not fit to marry her son.
As my mother, I can’t stop her from coming to my house but every day, she is causing a serious strain in my home and my wife has given me an ultimatum to either choose her or my mother.
Please, what do I do?
Dear readers, Bolaji is in a serious dilemma and has to choose between his mother and his wife. After going through his story on True Confession today, what do you think he should do?

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