This crying woman is in need of help

Here is her letter to True Confession:

“Dear Editor,
My name is Bassey-Anwan, a 39-year-old lady from the southern parts of Nigeria. Where I come from, the worship of spirits, gods, and the ancestors were practiced widely before Christianity came.
Though most people and families have stopped the practice of ancestor and spirit worship, my people are still involved in it and expect all of us to come home from time to time to participate in some rituals or the other.
I am a Christian and I do not believe in the rituals but every now and then, a young girl is chosen to be what they called spiritual queen and she is not supposed to get married to any physical man as she would be married to the spirit husband.
I was in primary school when the chief priest in our family told my parents that I was the chosen one to marry a particular spirit being, warning that if I or my parents refused to hand me over to the spirit husband, I will never get married in my physical life.
But my parents who had become Christians, refused to accept such, saying their daughter would never be a part of the rituals.
They took me to our pastor who prayed for me and said that the bond between me and the said spirit had been broken and that nothing will happen to me.
But all through my adolescent life, through secondary school and even while in the university, I realized that I was often the odd one out. I never had a serious relationship as the guys that asked me out always would keep away from me after a few weeks.
After I graduated from the university, I got a job in Lagos and five years later, I got engaged to Mike and while we were preparing for our wedding, Mike died in a ghastly motor accident.
After mourning Mike for two years, I decided to try out another relationship and got into a relationship with Jonathan and shortly after that, I took him to meet my parents.
After our introduction in the village, he went to his village to inform his family about our marriage plans but two days later, one of his brothers called me to come and when I got there, I was told he had died in his sleep.
When I got back home, I met our family chief priest in our house. He had come to tell me and my parents that I would not get married if I continued to refuse to surrender myself to the spirit being whom he said is the protector of the family and had chosen me to be his wife even before I was born.
Since then, my life has been a torment as every night, the so-called spirit husband would appear to me and rape me repeatedly and has vowed to kill any man that has anything to do with me.
I have gone men of God, pastors, spiritualists and even native doctors for help but none of them have been able to render any?
Dear readers, after going through Bassey-Anwan’s pathetic story on True Confession today, what do you think she should do?
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