The Action Democratic Party (ADP) has raised alarm that the current political developments in the country indicate that Nigeria is “gradually sliding into hopelessness and disintegration,” against the wish of her founding fathers.

The party however, said it is out as “a child of necessity born out of the urgent need to retrieve the Country from the precipice engendered by the 16 year rule of treasury looters of yesterday and today’s rudderless government by the current super looters.”

Speaking on Thursday in Abuja during the official launch of the party’s online membership registration, Engr. Yusuf Yabaji Sani, the move was in line with the ADP’s determination to effectively mobilize all Nigerians across the federation for participation in the democratic process.

“Ladies and gentlemen, current political developments in our Country indicate that we are gradually sliding into hopelessness and disintegration. Obviously, this is not the Nigeria that Nnamdi Azikiwe, Ahmadu Bello and Obafemi Awolowo founded. The ADP offers all Nigerians a credible alternative platform upon which they can pursue the ideals of a new Nation in accordance with the vision of our founding founders. We are prepared to make the sacrifice for a new Nigeria.

“Nigeria is at Cross-roads, our economy is in coma, with power generation at its lowest ebb; unemployment is on the increase, jobs are being lost daily because most companies now operate below installed capacities; Nigerians sleep with one eye open because of pervasive insecurity while corruption is being institutionalized systematically despite empty and dishonest talks about war  against corruption.

“The youth and women in our land must take a decision to put a stop to rudderless leadership which has derailed our dream of building a strong, prosperous and secure Nation. The ADP is the new vehicle which we must board to navigate a new future for the present and future generations of our people. I welcome you on board.”

Speaking on the reason for the online registration, Engr. Sani said: “The online registration will afford Nigerians living in the 774 local Government Areas of Nigeria and diaspora unhindered opportunity to register anywhere and at anytime to become proud members and owners of ADP.

“Let all Nigerians, both as individuals and as groups globally, be involved and not be isolated politically since it is all about us and how we can take back our beloved country, Nigeria.

“Through this project, we are handing over ADP, the only Credible Alternative political platform, to Nigerians for the emergence of a new leadership class with uncommon commitment to Nation-building.”

The event which was well attended by party leaders from across the state also had students, Labour Union Leaders, Market women, members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) in attendance