Airtel Nigeria has launched its 4G LTE in Abuja after a successful launch in Ibadan in February 2018.

Speaking during the opening ceremony, the managing director and chief executive officer of Airtel Nigeria Limited, Mr. Olusegun Ogunsanya said the telecommunication company is upgrading and modernising its network in Nigeria. “We are removing the old equipment, replacing them and adding 4G layout. We started the process about 7 weeks ago and our team has completed the process in Abuja to almost brand new.

‘‘Since the first launch in Ibadan, the company has received positive responses from clients, stakeholders and regulators who have enjoyed the network. This is a confirmation of our commitment to empower more Nigerians and stimulate the economy,” he said.

On his part, the Minister of Communications Barr. Shittu Adebayo said he believes the upgrade which started in Ibadan would be replicated in other states as it is done in Abuja so that people would be able to fulfill their potentials and eventually realize their dreams. “I am pleased with the development and I want to felicitate with the board members, management and staff of Airtel Nigeria for the milestone in this launch in Abuja and also considering that it is the federal capital territory,” he said.

He affirmed his delight that Airtel is providing leadership in setting the technology standards for 4G services by rolling out the cutting edge network in line with the corporate vision of becoming the first class in mobile internet service provider in Nigeria. Barr. Shittu highlighted the benefits that comes with the upgrade saying 4G provides an improved online experience, better performance of multimedia applications, enhances voice and HD video calls and it is compatible with existing telecoms infrastructure. It also would improve productivity and help drive economic activities across Abuja metropolis.

He encouraged the public to use what has been given to empower themselves by patronizing Airtel Nigeria. Conversely, he charged the company to simplify the process of connecting to the 4g network just as it is rolling out specific offers that would involve all consumers regardless of their income level and social status. This would ensure inclusiveness for all and sundry no matter their status. He also urged them to deliver 4G network to every Nigerian and not just big cities in order to foster equality among Nigerians.

In his presentation, Airtel’s chief commercial officer, Ahmad Mohkles said the potential for 4G network in Nigeria is huge as only about 100 million of the 139 million mobile phone users have access to internet.

He said the 4G technology would be around for a long time, and urged Nigerians to swap their old Airtel SIM cards to the latest technology to enjoy superfast mobile Internet.