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Balling on a budget

Our career expert, Gbemileke Anthony, walks you through the turbulent path of surviving, ‘chilling’ and ‘balling’ on a low budget.

So, you’ve spent a few months on the job and the novelty has finally worn off. You are in the ‘I want
to chop life mood’ but your budget can’t quite cut anything sizeable yet. Is your purse slim but you
still want to chill?

Here are a few tips on how to ball on a ‘tight’ budget –

‘Organize’ some friends; you are most likely not the only one in your grade within your
organization and chances are this same idea is running through the minds of other people.
Folks like you are thinking of inexpensive ways to just chillax too. So, talk to a few paddies at
work and get them on board with your plan.

Set a budget – this will help you narrow your options down drastically. There is no point in
planning for something you absolutely cannot afford. Get your partners in this venture to
agree on the cap price this ‘adventure’ will cost per person.

Pick a place – choose a destination and share the idea with your colleagues. If you want to see
a movie at the Cinema you can wait a few weeks after your movie of choice premieres and
go see it then. By this time, movie tickets would most likely have halved in price. You can
also find a low budget, top quality alternatives to restaurants, ice-cream, pizza and resorts
around you. Even though the previous sentence reads like a contradiction, you would be
surprised to find ‘gems’ if you take out the extra time to actually search for places. Google is
your friend and thankfully, you can read the reviews of others to guide you in making your
decision. Involve your friends in this process so no one feels left out. After thorough research
has been carried out, you choose a place and plan towards it.

Get the funds – depending on where you stay, you may be able to gather funds together in
just a week but if you live in places like Lagos and Abuja, it may take a bit more time.

Pick a date – You want to choose a date that everyone is cool with and since you’re working, this
maybe during the weekends or after work.

Set reminders – If financial contributions are needed for this adventure, you will need to at intervals remind those concerned to pay up. You may also need to remind your paddies about the date and time so they do not make plans that will coincide with your chop life

Chop life – Finally!!! The day is here and you are determined to have maximum fun.
Remember to wear comfy clothes, ‘carry’ enough cash and say no to the eye-watering temptations that want you to exceed your planned budget. All your guys are ballers and so are you!

As a budding professional, what helpful tips can you share from experience on how to ball on a tight budget. You can also share great inexpensive spots in the city you live in where others can visit to relax.

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