The thrive of a business venture domiciled in any capital city of the world is often juicy and booming. Reasons not farfetched, every capital city is the hub of different enterprise perhaps as a result of the surging population in such locality. Picturing Abuja as a case study, every observant resident can identify the choice location of the strategically wealthy beggars promoting their trade as a routine or a mobile office.

It is often said, that “beggars do not have choice” but in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria such postulation and over rated assumption is different. Beggars in the capital city opt for a better position or a mouth watering location to strategise and practice their dividends derived business venture.

One of the most popular location for the Abuja distinguished beggars is the popular Berger Bus stop and Area 1, under bridge. Another hot spot is around the central A.Y.A. junction in Asokoro District. Beggars in this location are well dressed mostly in corporate attires and they defraud their sympathisers by preaching the lines of being stranded. Sometimes, they tend to brief their cheaply cajoled listeners that they are in Abuja for a function or on a visitation and they did not meet the resource persons or the anchor contact whom they came to visit, hinting he / she had traveled and they are now stranded.

They demand for transport fares back to their far distanced mentioned locations from sympathisers, meanwhile such persons are resident in Abuja with a substantial means of income or money generating style — begging for a living — and they live in standard houses, far above the level of the average Abuja residents who usually fall prey to their sugar coated style of luring their victims.

In Maraba, a bordering metropolis in Nasarawa state, the beggars occupy the popular pedestrian bridge located just before the last bus stop and they usually harass passer—by, demanding for a crossing or utility ransom in style, maybe for using the bridge. Most of these beggars are nursing mothers and it is not usually easy for any generous citizen to over look their plights without a display of kind gesture. However, most of these beggars do not worth it. The beggars are deceptive and they take the luxury of their trade as a right not a privilege because many kind hearted Nigerians are fuelling the poorly steered drive of this illogical enterprise.

Can the activities of these beggars be assessed as a chronic fraudulent attitude motivated by the ugly economic situation they promote?
Can begging in Abuja be adjudged as a trade or a new business enterprise owing to the strategic location of the beggars?

Many middle class residents of the capital city now indulge in the shady style of begging to make a living but they are not poor as portrayed. Reasons for their lazy engagements can not be deduced by every sincere Nigerian because it is dehumanising and shamefully confusing to reckon with.

The survival plan of begging should not be embraced as the last resort in order to be comfortable because to swindle the masses is a curse to the financial base of every breed of human.

For us to end this trend, givers MUST desist from giving monies to extremely cunny beggars who are out to defraud unsuspecting members of the public as a result of greed. The act of begging should not be practised as a style but the last resort of surviving in the midst of hardship. Beggars must embrace the path of sincerity and trash every traces of criminality all in the name of practicing a trade amidst pathetic economic plight.

God bless Nigeria!