Chinasa the adulterous woman
Chinasa the adulterous woman
This married woman, Chinasa was caught in a hotel with another man

A middle-aged married woman was given the disgrace of her life after she was caught red-handed having sex with her secret lover in a hotel in one of the Eastern states in Nigeria.
The woman identified as Chinasa aka Madam Kpom, a mother of five, was caught with the man who happens to be her husband’s best friend and the sordid scene was captured on video which has now become viral on the social media.
In the video which was posted by Igbo TV, shows the elderly married woman half naked but the narrative changed when the man explained to Chinasa’s husband and other people who caught.
Speaking in the Igbo language, the man explained that been begging him for sex for a long time and because he did not want to betray his friend, he had to set her up to show her husband the type of woman she is.
According to the narrative in the video, when the man could not bear the sexual harassment any longer, he had to confide in his wife and they both devised a means of exposing her.
They lured her to the hotel and thinking she was alone in the room with the man, Chinasa removed her dress and was ready for action.
However, the man’s wife came into the room and caught her red handed. The heartbroken friend is heard saying she had voice recordings of Chinasa talking dirty with her husband.
Watch the video here:


RESPECT GOD, YOURSELF, FAMILY & IGBO DIGNITY OR GET EXPOSED!!! [VIDEO] Woman { Chinasa } Was Caught In The Act In A Set Up Arrangement By Her Best Friend And Her Husband Whom She Has Been Dying To Sleep With.The woman{ Chinasa } popularly known as ‘’MADAM KPOM’’ Was Eventually Caught Up In Her Web As She And The Guy Were Busted In A Hotel Room Without Knowing It Was A Set Up.WARNING!!! If You Don’t Understand Igbo Language, I Strongly Encourage You to Learn It or Get an Interpreter for the Rest Of the gist. Ndewonu!!! – Events Directors Uk

Posted by Igbo TV on Monday, January 29, 2018