By Ajogwu Jerry 

A coalition of civil society Organization’s (CSOs) for good governance and democracy under the auspices of “Coalition For Nigeria Movement” on Wednesday lauded President Muhammadu Buhari administration and signaled him to contest for a second term in office. 

In a press conference hosted in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, the coalition frowned at the call by a section of the populace seeking the resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari

The statement signed by Patriot Sabo Ode, the National Convener/President of the coalition read in part:

The Coalition for Nigeria Movement has learnt with amusement the call for President Muhammadu Buhari to resign as proof that he is a man of integrity. The call for President Buhari to resign is comical for the very fact that it came from the Nigeria Intervention Movement (NIM), a subsidiary of the “3rd Force” Movement”. 


“We invite you to note that the so-called Nigeria Intervention Movement made no attempt to obscure the hands pulling its strings by issuing their statement from Ekiti state where Emperor Ayodele Fayose reigns in his schizophrenic absoluteness under conditions that have left citizens between either being too catatonic to objectively challenge bad governance or too traumatized to discern truth from fiction. That is one state whose governor had openly wished death on Mr. President so the statement calling for his resignation is well understood as the rantings of manic depressives who simply cannot fathom why President Buhari is succeeding where they are wishing him dead”. 

The group further maintained that the Nigeria Intervention Movement, citing the missing Dapchi Girls and the security situation in the country as reasons for demanding that President Buhari resigns and allow Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to run as the All Progressives Congress’ candidate in the 2019 General Elections is comic. 

This group is not in tune with the reality in Nigeria. They and their sponsors have forgotten what was before God blessed Nigeria with the present administration. 

“The security situation had degenerated to a point where even those in the coastal cities no longer felt safe from Boko Haram attacks; today critics seat in the safety midwifed by Mr. President to lament about phantom security situations”. 

“They also conveniently skip the fact that the state sponsorship of terrorism by their patrons was responsible for Boko Haram’s feral nature”. 

The Coalition applauded President Buhari’s fight against insurgency urging him to disregard the characters behind the Nigeria Intervention Movement and 3rd Force and continue the good work.

We urge President Buhari to stand strong and save the nation from the kind of collapse that the 3rd Force is working to bring upon us. We have seen Mr. President rescue the country from countless other disasters plotted by the patrons of the 3rd Force so we are confident that he can again put these people where they belong. 

“If running for a second term in office will further address the challenges facing Nigeria, since we already see results from his almost three years in office, then we appeal to President Buhari to seek that second term in office”. It concluded.

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