By Ajogwu Jerry

A coalition of civil society organisation on human rights and conflict resolution in Nigeria on Tuesday, presented the 2018 1st quarterly monitoring report on the war against terrorism in Nigeria exposing the various fallacious reportage of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) against the Nigerian Army.

Speaking unbehalf of the group, the Executive Director, Gowon Maxwell Esq said that the Nigerian Military sustained its operation against Boko Haram terrorists in affected areas, reducing the the existence of the terrorists groups to restricted areas mostly outside the borders of Nigeria.

The coalition berated the various fallacious report of UNICEF and other NGOs “using underhand tactics for blackmailing the military”.

    “The reports of these NGOs have the potential to present Nigeria as a country with a military that has no good reputation, which would in turn make the country ineligible for international support.

    “The formation of Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) Nigeria by some of these NGOs amount to direct interference by foreign entities in the internal affairs of Nigeria, which runs contrary to the spirit of the United Nations, “

he said.

He said investigations reveals that Boko Haram has been degraded to a point that it can no longer engage in any impactful attack which has now left it to be reliant on the activities of NGOs and PSEA platform to release reports that terrorise the people in the North East, in line with their agenda, which is at variance from what they present themselves to be.

The group further revealed that contrary to reports that the Nigerian Army freed 1,000 captives in three – month period, detailed report on these allegations exposed a collusion between the NGOs and some external interests that are committed to undermining the Nigerian military to pave way for the “unfortunate humanitarian crisis to prevail against reason in some parts of the North-east”.

    “Reports of NGOs like UNICEF should be subjected to detailed reviews since they do not usually declare the interests of their organisations or that of their staffers in the counter insurgency war against Boko Haram,”

he said.

The group commended the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation for not relenting in its search for oil around the Chad basin in spite of the security situation in the region.