By Ajogwu Jerry Ochada

The African descent can be assessed and described as a heritage of cultural embodiments that survived the test of time cutting across many centuries. 

The rich African norms and traditions outlives  the poorly schemed years of cultural assimilation fast tracked by the coming of the White imperialists who later evolved to becloud the subjective mindsets with their fallacious and malicious idealism, campaigning that Africa was a dark continent without any form of civilisation  before their egocentric incursion.

This irrational postulation derived from their self centred deviations is for the utilisation of the myopic readers and believers of European modernised history concerning the  African race because there is no cogent feature linking a trace of modern civilisation in their arguments, rather the coming of the imperialists to African continent  stimulated a dark phase of bedeviled aberrations in the history of Africa as a result of the cruelty of slavery, brain drain, oppression, exploitation and racism cordinated torture. 

However, till date, Africans are still wallowing in the slumber of the colonialists defined activities thus weakening the richly upheld African cultures and value system bequeathed from ages past; these ideals are deeply  embedded and mystified on the altars of perfection and ethical conducts devoid of sentiments and parochial haunt or taunt. 

Tracing the logic of this discourse to the corridors of Nigeria, the much adored Giant of Africa, it is distastefully unassuming that the tenets preaching morality is being relegated with gross impunity, laced with the paying of pathetic lip service towards the cultivation and promotion of our hitherto cultural values thereby preserving same for generations unborn. 

The bulk of the arrays of problems negating the thrive of African culture on this part of the globe strives from improper parental upbringing and the loopholes of  attitudinal negligence on the part of the ‘Computer Age’ parents. 

Lack of proper parental upbringing — home training — is affecting the lifestyle of children born in this century and the unborn generations respectively if proper care is not taken. However, the crux of the matter lies on the endangered breeds of societal decadence — women and the girl child — who are often humiliated and gravely affected by the improper  decisions and omission of their parents. 

As a result of low traditional education anchored on the  purely defined teachings of the African folktales, customs  and norms, many teenagers of this generation ignorantly emulate the skimpy dressing style of the Whites whose way of life cannot be compared to the people of African origin — cultural disparity — thus they reveal sensitive parts of their bodies thereby luring the opposite sex, who are also culturally opaque to commit crimes tagged anywhere in the world as bad. 

Questions arises when it is observed that our ancestors  barely covered their nakedness yet there were limited cases of sexual harassment among them due to the rich cultural laws and traditions kicking against unethical behaviours. For instance, a serial rapist can be banished from a community. 

To prevent the cases of unhealthy sexual behaviours, the men were entitled to many wives and this have not changed in the contemporary era, however it is subject to your financial might. 

To this end, there are increasing cases of rape and sexual harassment on a daily account due to indecent dressings and poorly cordinated control of libido narrowed down to the lapses of improper upbringing. 

It is illogical and critically  demeaning to note that many ladies no longer learn or know how to cook good African delicacies because their mothers may also be guilty as charged.

Girls are permitted to spend more times watching unending movies while their mothers sit and cook alone in the kitchen and would serve them their meals whenever the food is ready. 

This is a sharp contrast to the now dwindling rich African traditions where ladies are taught how to cook by their mothers from a very tender age. 

The resultant effect of this poor mannerisms and lack of good cooking skills is one of the key factors promoting the high number of divorce cases in the present era. 

To further worsen the escalated scenario, young girls and ladies now indulge in sedentary lifestyles prompting them to engage in abusive behaviors endangering their health and life expectancy rate. Many young ladies now resolve to smoking and they consume  hard drugs as a trend; and they tend to practice unsafe sexual practices whenever they are tipsy. 

Conclusively, in a recent study of kidnap trends in Nigeria, young girl and women are also the most vulnerable target. 

A case study is the Chibok and Dapchi schoolgirls abduction. Students who were enrolled  to study in schools were kidnapped by the Boko Haram insurgents and many of them never returned back to base alive. 

Timely attention should be accorded to the future of the girl child because they are the mother of the nation and if care is not taken, the twisting acts of  misbehavior negatively soaring in this era can reach the ugliest apogee in the next generation. 

Parents should adequately embrace the task of teaching their kids and wards the essence of morality to enable them inculcate and showcase good moral habit thus behaving according to ethical conducts in the larger society. This is a task that MUST not be ignored. 

God bless Nigeria! 

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