The young and beautiful fashion entrepreneurs Laura Ikeji who just launched her book on ”How to Make money on Instagram” has open up on how she has been Coping with rumours, Gossip, Cyber Bullying And More.

According to the entrepreneur, she has had to work twice as hard to achieve all that she has achieved today despite all the cyber-bullying she went through.

Meanwhile, she has this to tell the people who think she is living off her sister shadows.

‘If you think I am still living under the shadow of my sister Linda Ikeji, you must be mistaken, because Linda Ikeji is not responsible for my multi-million Naira endorsement deals or my N700,000 followers on Instagram.’

Brand Influencer and Online Entrepreneur, Laura IIkeji made the above statement at a recent visit to NET TV.

While speaking on what spurred her to release her book, she revealed that she needed to reach out to millenials worldwide to let them know the wide range of opportunities on the internet, especially on Instagram.

She also talks about the most annoying thing people do on Instagram; which is dragging her husband into her spats with Instagram users.


‘I find it really embarrassing and annoying at the same time that people start tagging him and dragging him into my mess. It’s really unfair.