A University don, Dr. Bala Muhammad of the Faculty of Communication, Bayero University Kano, has accused Igbo drug merchants of supplying codeine syrups to the north.

Dr. Mohammed made the allegation on Monday while presenting a paper titled; “Nexus Between Youth, Drugs, Crime and Insecurity”, at the Kano Youth Summit on Peace Advocacy and Development.

Muhammad in his presentation blamed the Igbo drug dealers for the prevalence of drug abuse in the northern region, especially Kano state.

He wondered why drug abuse was not prevalent in the South-East region.

Muhammad said the Igbo people supply cough syrup that contains codeine for the consumption of the Northern youth.

According to him, “Our investigation revealed that drug abuse is beyond normal marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, etc. It has moved to the extent that the medicines we take in order to cure our diseases are now being converted into hard drugs.

We then discovered that it is the handiwork of the Igbo people, who connive with our local people here, to supply the codeine into our region, especially into Kano state.

“There are many instances where Igbo guys were arrested for supplying codeine into Kano and some parts of the North. The cases have been reported in national dailies.

“So, why shouldn’t they take it to their region? Why don’t their youth engage in drug abuse? This is really sad, and we have to rise up to fight this menace.”

Drug abuse in northern Nigeria has been on the rise in recent years, with anti-narcotics officials and experts warning of serious social consequences if the problem is not tackled.