Muhammadu Buhari

Fulanis are haters of Buhari.

By Noah Mc’Dickson.

President Buhari no doubt is a man of integrity with sound and impeccable character.

His sincerity and passionate fight against corruption is legendary.
When it became obvious that Nigeria was sinking into the deep and bottomless ocean of corruption, Nigerians made a choice in the person of Muhammadu Buhari.

Since assumption of office, the president tried his best to fix the already battered economy that he inherited from the previous administration. Yet, his kinsmen, the Fulani have deliberately try to frustrate his government.

It is on record that the Niger-Delta insurgency was at it’s peak befor Goodluck Jonathan took over. But immediately he became president, all militancy and destruction stopped.
The Niger-Delta militants supported Jonathan and worked with him throughout his tenure.

It is therefore, unfortunate that instead of supporting their own, the Fulani herdsmen have been a nightmare in the administration of Buhari.

I think it is a deliberate attempt to cause anarchy and distract the good intention of president Buhari. Since Buhari took over the mantle of leadership, the activities of the Fulani herdsmen have gone from bad to worse.

They have unleashed terror on innocent Nigerians, and the accusing fingers is being pointed at Buhari because Nigerians, particularly the opposition parties have capitalised on that to blame Buhari for the activities of his kinsmen.
Why on earth the Fulani that ordinarily should support Buhari be the the people that are destabilizing and causing these endless distribution and mayhem?
Are they helping their brother or they are pulling him down?

Why is the incessant attacks now becoming a recurring decimal?
Are Fulani lovers or haters of Buhari? Your guess is as good as main. Although am not privy to any information as regards the political undertone of the attack, but it is crystal clear that the Fulani are not helping their brother.

Fulani Herdsmen

Buhari has a good intention and noble plans to change this country. Therefore, I wish to appeal to the Fulani (Herdsmen) to as a matter of urgency and respect for Buhari, stop the confusion and support him.

In my own view, the Fulani are the haters of Buhari.

Noah Mc’Dickson writes from Abuja