President Muhammadu Buhari’s personal photographer, Bayo Omoboriowo, has shared his grass to grace story of how he hawked pure water at a market in Mushin just to make some money for his family.

Popular Nigerian celebrity photographer, T.Y Bello, has taken to his Instagram page and shared videos of President Buhari’s personal photographer, Bayo Omoboriowo, as she shared stories of how he hawked sachet water at a market in Mushin, just to make some money for his family.

“Yes I hawked pure water in Mushin, Ojuwoye market. They were calling me Bayo pure water because i shout Buy your pure water and so they called me Bayo pure water. This was when I was still in primary school. At a point I was ashamed because I would see my schoolmates and their parents driving them home after school,” he said in the interview.

T.Y Below who shared the video clips on social media, wrote;

“BAYO OMOBORIOWO: Awesome day sharing stories over food with @bayoomoboriowo official photographer to @muhammadubuhari . I wish there was a way to document all the amazing conversations that happen on our roof . And all these awesome people that come up there so often.

“Bayo’s presence was a blessing and his love for Nigeria is contagious.I was looking at him thinking .. hmm .. could it be possible that this young man is being groomed by God to lead this nation someday . BAYO- PURE WATER! It’s amazing to look back and be able to laugh at our journey.
“As we go along we get a clearer picture of where God is taking us and we are no longer ashamed to share the challenges that were difficult .. painful or even embarrassing . Those stories don’t define us but we proudly own them. They’re all important in building our identity… so we’re thankful for them.”