Ike Ekweremadu: Antics Antics Of A Politician

Antics of a Politician. Let me digress. Politicians generally are interesting characters. Same as religion leaders. They both shared something in common – servants called to serve the people and humanity. But unlike the clergies, servant to the politicians is a strategy and not a way of life.

Politicians love us so much that everything they do, they do for our own good. They will build roads, hospitals, provides electricity and good transport system, all for us. It is a solemn promise that remained so and would probably be for a long time to come. While the people hoped in the realm of promises, politicians are quick to find these comfort abroad.

Leaders in politics get rewarded for services rendered while the people live in ghettos and penury. Our supposed “servants” lived in cozy mansions with fortified compliment of impregnable securities, drive expensive cars and get everything tax free. The pecks of “servantship” was so overwhelming that a wise one among them tagged himself “Chief Servant”.

Ike Ekweremadu: Antics Of A Politician

Now you see why politicians will do everything possible, and even impossible to serve us? They stir up all kind of sentiments including treachery, criminality and rascality in order to lead. In some cases, they go the extreme to kill and destroy just to force our votes. And with our votes, they served with impunity, greed and self-centeredness.

They looted the common treasury and denied us of salaries and pensions. They commissioned all security apparatus to themselves and families to make us vulnerable and easy prey for criminals and militant gunmen. They slept in comfort while we bury our dead in mass grave and mourned in perpetuity. Yet, our politicians are distinguished and honourable men.

Ironically, the people are ultimately the nemesis of these ‘almighty’ politicians. Most of them, if not all, know the reality of their status but chose arrogance to undermine the people. As soon as the going gets tough, and their connections in high places failed, they turn to the people for protection. It is the antics of our politicians.

Ike Ekweremadu is a high ranking Senator from Enugu State and a third time Deputy Senate President. Ekweremadu is one politician that understands the politics of tribal sentiment.

Ekweremadu, in a hybrid politics, conspired with others to doctor the senate standing rules for his benefit. He got himself entangled. The powerful connections in high places failed to stop his arraignment in court in 2016. He deplored the antics of a politician and invoked the tribal sentiment.

The Senator decorated himself in traditional Ibo attire, crowned in a fitted red cap to court proceedings. He blamed his ordeals on his Ibo origin. The message was clear and his people believed him. Eventually, the Federal Government discontinued with the case and Ekweremadu returned to adorn his conventional suit and tie. The antics of a politician.

The Deputy Senate President is again enmeshed in another frenzy with the FG. Preliminary investigation reveals a prima facie case of breech of Code of Conduct for public officers standing against him.

Ike Ekweremadu: Antics Of A Politician

Obono Obla led Special Presidential Investigative Panel for Recovery of Public Property discovered the Senator fraudulently refused to disclose some of his assets as required by law. It seeks for an interim forfeiture pending the conclusion of further inquiry.

Ekweremadu said there is no asset to forfeit. In his usual style, the senator told the public his current trouble is about 2019. FG is trying to deny his people of quality representation. Yes, his people must be involved to stir up tribal sentiments. The antics of a politician.

Ike Ekweremadu is a member of the senate that refused to disclose how much they earned as salary. Until the senate was betrayed by one of its own, Senator Shehu Sani, their salaries and allowances were guarded secret.

The bubble busted and we know that N13.5m and N750,000 are monthly accrual to a Senator as running cost and salary. And N200m is what they get as constituency projects annually. Do the mathematics and the reality of our predicament as a people will stare you in the face.

About N371m accruing to a senator annually. An average of over N1m as daily earnings in an economy where a meagre N18,000 is the national minimum wage.

Antics of a politician
Ike Ekweremadu: Antics Of A Politician

Ike Ekweremadu, as a ranking senator and Deputy Senate President, earned a lot more than his peers. Yet his people suffer lack in basic facilities and die of preventable diseases. He cared less. The Senator invokes them only when his comfort is threatened. The antics of a politicians.

Ike Ekweremadu is not in isolation. He is the exact replica of our politicians. They enjoyed the compliments of office but hated the responsibility that comes with it. They stole from us to acquire properties they do not need. Stashed away looted funds in silos, bunkers, overhead tanks and offshore accounts. All is vanity.

Now that karma is knocking, they suddenly abdicate ownership of some of these properties to ghost. The good news is, they are Nigerian ghost, so the properties shall be forfeited to Nigerian government. The wisdom of the chick ends in the belly of the hawk.

Ikese is a Political Analyst and Columnist at TheNigerian.