Newly elected President of the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), Prince Adetokunbo Kayode has unveiled four key programmes to glvanise efforts towards driving economic development and prosperity of Nigeria.
The ACCI President who unveiled the programmes on his inauguration in Abuja, pledged that his election will usher in a beginning of opportunity for  vision, leadership and qualitative service as oppose to merely providing support services.
“We will move from an amorphous organogram to a structured organisation. We are setting up a secretariat with four centres. Business Entrepreneurship, Skills and Technology Centre (BEST), the Abuja Trade Convention (ATC) Centre. The fourth centre is the Policy Advocacy and Advisory Centre (PAAC)”, the President stated.
He further stated that the programmes will be implemented within his 3-year term.
Kayode appealed for cooperation of members of the Chamber and made a solemn pledge to articulate, conceive, birth and own the vision.
Commenting on ways of  achieving welfare of the masses, the ACCI President tasked the Federal Government to set up its own high ideals and with passion, chart a mission course to achieve the vision.
“… there was a ‘Vision 20:2020’. It was an almost vision which died the day it was launched. It died because the government, strangely, did not conceive it, did not birth it, and did not own it.
“The current government is the first regime to begin to give some teeth to the National Economic Council (NEC). At the state level, the State Economic Councils do not exist. We advocate for this body in the states.
” The economy of Nigeria and that of the states has to be planned through these bodies. We want to urge the both the Federal and State governments to fully establish and operationalize the Councils. That is the body that will help plan the economy and the end the practice of reactionand adhocism, where critical policies are determined more by panic, knee jerk reactions and rule of thumb economics than well thought out policies “
Prince Kayode also pledged the willness of the Chamber to canvass and develop new concepts of alternate funding mechanisms for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) since the commercial banks have demonstrated not to be structured to fund SMEs.
Earlier, while delivering the opening remarks, National President,  Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA), Iyola Alba Lawson, urged members of ACCI to build on the solid foundation laid by its founding fathers.
“We counsel that you continue to play your role of placing Nigeria on the track for increased and inclusive socio-economic growth and development, using public policy advocacy tools and in-dept knowledge you all have as drivers”, she said.