In proverbial assessments and assertions, it is often opined that the Lion is the king of the jungle. The roaring of the Lion triggers the moody illusion of fear and it sends other animals into hiding but in Kogi state, the roar of the White Lion is fast becoming an invitation to carnival and a continuous euphoria of merriment.

The Lion in Lugard House is drowning because Lions are either domiciled in their dens or maintain the status quo as Kings in the proverbial forest but the White Lion opted to live not on land but on a coastal politicking terrain with a large body of water even though he is not a good sailor nor a good swimmer.
The catastrophic effect of this gross aberration can be narrowed down to the shameful dilemma which is inherently terrorising the prospects of Kogi state in the midst of glaring opportunities.

As the journey towards 2019 begins to gather credible momentum, we must clearly understand and identify that the road to Lugard House is featuring a traffic jam where we have many stallions without a rider thereby stimulating another phase of political obsession. In other words, the political landscape is tensed because so many actors are vexed by the incumbent leadership thus they are ill equipped yet contesting in the next gubernatorial election which they all perceive as a deal that can not be trashed.

Weak stallions want to occupy the seat of Lugard House come 2019; to worsen the scenario, stallions who never went to war are coming to celebrate the victory earned by the gallantry of the strong horse in the act of warfare.

For the first time in the democratic history of Kogi state, we are on the verge of witnessing the largest influx of self acclaimed political ‘messiahs’ with a seemingly interwoven ideology / manifesto but a terribly defined contrasting interest. However, these aspirants can be classified and assessed to the suitability of the writer:

At the moment, we have a class I tag the UNDERGROUND PLAYERS. These set of self motivated actors are yet to declare their political intentions but are busy drafting underground consultations and permutations.
Some many politicians in this class are clinging onto one political appointment or are presently in the services of the Federal Government thus they dare not showcase their ambitions else lest they are shown the way out of the system.
This group of egocentric, ironically bamboozled attempting leaders can be likened to a child enjoying his best delicacy on the dinning table but in the process of eating his meal, he was woken up by his mother. It is just a dream that may never come true because from the onset, they have nailed trust and sincerity of purpose.

A true political messiah who is ready to lead his faithfuls to the promise land would definitely trash self interest in place of public aspirations. But these clueless bandwagon are not ready to sacrifice their today in readiness for the most chanted better tomorrow.
To this end, they are retarded by the futility of their ambitions because they have proven beyond reasonable doubt that they are worst than the incumbent leadership who is at the moment sipping the last gulp of the fermented milk.

We have another class of ‘politrickcians‘ who I tag the NOISEMAKERS ASSEMBLY.
In assessments, these class is occupied by the fraudulently inclined disorder of political jobbers. They are in the race not to win but anticipating the compensation of the serious minded politicians who will definitely give them stipends to step down.

We must beware of these hungry dogs who will always owe allegiance to any Lord that can feed them. However, they are doomed and can be best described as political slaves with many masters. These set of fake politicians will never win in any election until they go yonder because they sacrificed their ambitions on the altars of crumbs doling machines in exchange for their political destiny.
They make the loudest noise but are always mute and out of the game even before the conduct of primary elections.

The next set of politicians are the TECHNOCRATS who are not always guided accordingly.
These class of people are reputably learned and experienced but they lack the political wherewithal.
Let me reiterate clearly, intellectual doggednes does not entail leadership prowess. Most times, political activists who are not academically sound will end up rendering accountable leadership while a learned fellow will come on board and scramble the whole process. Above all, leadership is not centered on academic excellence but a simultaneous engagement of tact, style and a fruitful harmonisation of personal idiosyncrasy.

The last but not the least class of politicians are the TRUE DEMOCRATS. These breed of politicians are rare but they are not extinct. They are politicians who are in the race to Lugard House with a defined pace to create a new phase of leadership that will better the welfare of all and sundry. Such leaders are in the game because they are pained by the shameful political swings but they can always sacrifice their ambitions to adopt a consensus candidate that is tested and trusted.
This class of politicians are not power drunk but sympathetically poised to deliver and lead their people to the promise land. We must watch out for such leaders in preparation for the next poll.

No doubts, the juvenile orchestrated leadership championed by the White Lion have birthed these uncultured breed of weak stallions who now assume the roaring of the Lion is an invitation to feast.
Be that as it may, Kogi state need the urgent intervention of a horse power defined and refined politician who is armed with the political speed to render accountable leadership.
To this end, the various politically weak stallions who were suddenly awakened by the kindergarten rhymes of the White Lion should as a matter of fact, return to their various political incubator because we cannot bargain another illogical era preaching for the repentance of celebrated failures.

The bulk of the task now lies on the shoulder of the masses who are tragically the electorate who never learns from their mistakes but are full of hullabaloo defect.
If we must succeed as a people, we must shun the conventional way of politics in Nigeria and do the needful by wielding our PVC to vote the best candidates; devoid of monetary inducement and personal gain.

I commend the guts and logical courage of all the aspirants shopping for Lugard House come 2019 but we must understand the fact that everybody cannot be a governor.
We are all witnesses of the trending lapses in our beloved state but we must equally be careful not to fall the second time because the colossal effect of such eventuality cannot be emphasised in this discourse.
We must make progress but we must be guided not to derail before the final conquest.

God bless Kogi state!

Ajogwu Jerry Ochada is a columnist with TheNigerian

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