Aminat Mohammed

Wonders shall never!!  

There seems to be a misunderstanding between a lagos based makeup artist who goes by name Tonia x Mua  and  Nollywood actress and movie producer, Susan Peters. 

Tonia has said the actress has refused  to pay for the service rendered to her and She is out of her patience. 

Tonia called out Susan on her social media page saying she’s giving her the next 24 hours to pay off else she will do something really bad hmmmmm

But come to think of it, why would Susan make hair, nails or even makeup on credit? She is a big chick for christ sake and that we all know

While, Fans don’t seems to agree with Tonia even though she showed  a screenshot of their conversation online

Nollywood big babe, am sure there’s an explanation to this, so let’s just wait to hear from  the horse’s mouth

See photos below: