The Muslims Rights Concern, MURIC, on Friday, condemned the killing of six Fulanis in Gboko, Benue State, among others.

Recall, that the recent incident has led to the imposition of a dusk to dawn curfew by the State Government in Benue.

The Government said that the curfew would last from 6pm to 6am, until further notice.

However, MURIC Director, Ishaq Akintola, lamented that the media refused to give the killings the attention it deserved, saying:

“The radio stations are silent over it. The television stations have ignored it. The print media also do not consider it as newsworthy”, he said in a statement on Friday.

“Yet, these are the same outfits which gave extensive coverage, superfluous broadcast times to the unfortunate Benue killings.

“The same media outfits kept mum when 732 Fulanis were massacred in Mambilla. They looked the other way when 82 women and children of Fulani stock were killed in cold blood in Numan.

“They said nothing when life was brutally snuffed out of 24 Fulanis in Lau. They could not be bothered when 96 Fulanis were cut down in Kajuru.

Fulani herdsman

The Nigerian landscape is now very unsafe for the Fulani man, woman or child. Fulanis have become endangered species. The problem here is that Nigerians are cutting their noses to spite their faces.

“Heavy doses of ethnic jingoism are being injected into the bloodstreams of Nigerians on a daily basis. We are turning into bitter enemies among ourselves. Who did this to Nigeria?

“MURIC is of the opinion that the National Orientation Agency (NOA), the Nigerian Police and the Press have a lot to do in this matter. There is an urgent need for NOA to disabuse and re-engineer the Nigerian bolekaja mentality.

“The Police must apprehend all killers of men, no matter their tribal leaning, whether they are Benue militia, killer herdsmen, or Berom hoodlums. The Nigerian media must also eschew asymmetric reportage”, the group lamented