By Mustapha Umar

When I first heard that there is a young man in Jigawa State aspiring to become a senator of the federal Republic of Nigeria, I paused for a while to ask if it is just another case of a visionless advocacy for an unprepared youth to  take charge of the mantle of leadership in this our beloved country or a rare case of a youth with a vision and passion for rescuing the long forgotten masses of Jigawa central senatorial district.

The answer to this I believe is, or  should be of great importance to the people of Jigawa Central Senatorial district, because ordinarily it ought to be the basis upon which they should give their mandate. To this effect, I tried to see if I can provide answer to the above question. My desire to answer this question compelled me to raise questions like; who is he? What are his antecedents? What has he achieved so far ? How tall does he stand academically? How much does he know of the real need fo his people? What practical blueprint does he have to turn thei fortunes around, economically, socially, educationally and politically, among others?

Mustapha Sule Lamido (Santuraki)  is the son of one time foreign affairs minister and immediate past Jigawa State governor). So does he need an introduction?

By law, he has like any other politicians met the requisite constitutional demand in terms of age, educationsl qualification and where he comes from among others to be a senator of the federal republic of Nigeria. Until he appeared on the staring block of the race, the young man maintain a very quiet life. He is not the talking type, but, he is compassionate, humble and generous, some rare qualities lacking in our today’s leaders.

Knowledge and education are two basic requisites among others for an effective and successful leadership.  Clarence B. Randall in his book Making Good In Management wrote: “a leader must know, must know that he knows and must be able to make it abundantly clear to those around him that he knows.”  He went further to say, if a leader does not know, he cannot guide his followers. On this, MSL is eminently qualified as he is a graduate of BSc Political Science, with Masters in International Relations (Msc) and Master of Philosophy (Mphil). He is Ph.D holder.

He is smart, brilliant with a photographic memory. He was once once described by a renowned   professor of political science (Ka’oje) of ABU Zaria as “precise, incisive and well-articulated.” He has got oratory prowess reminiscences of the great Martin Luther King Jr.

What is more promising and interesting in the heart of Mustapha Lamido is his nationalism and the belief in made-in-Nigerian products. He believes that as Nigerians we all have a duty and obligation to patronize anything positive about and on Nigeria. This has been demonstrated in his believe in the Nigerian educational system. In other words, despite Mustapha Lamido’s wealthy background, he chose to pursue all his degrees here in Nigeria. To cut it short, MSL never studied abroad.  Lamido junior said NO to this unwholesome practice and show-off trend!  He said if we run away from the country’s educational system, how then will they know the problems of the sector let alone find the right solutions?

Secondly, Mustapha Lamido never schooled abroad because he believes that schooling together with the less privilege members of the society will offer him the opportunity to stay with the poor, mingle with the poor, have a direct contact to them, all with the overall aim of understanding their predicaments and provide them with not only a sense of belonging, but also with a helping hand.

To everyone who knows Santurakin Dutse or is privileged to stay with him, his generosity cannot be equalled. His hand is always reaching into his pocket to give, donate and assist people generously. His priority in life is to always help the helpless, voice the feelings of the voiceless and above all defend the defenseless citizens. He believes that God has blessed him in order to help others. To this effect, Lamido Junior gives out to both young and old, men and women, healthy and sick, able and disable, families and schools, prisons and hospitals etc. It is to his credit that he single handedly equipped university libraries with some of the most advance and modern books of the 21st century.

Santuraki had time without number served as a messiah to his alma mater through the construction and renovation of the school hostels and classrooms. This is just the tip of the ice berg, not talking of giving out to the cause of his creature and sustainer i.e construction and renovation of mosques which he considers as the most vital essence of his existence in this world. The above good characters, manners and qualities of Mustapha Sule Lamido (Santurakin Dutse, Bsc., Msc, Mphil) together with numerous other ones which will be disclose in the next edition are some of the things that compelled me to pick my pen to disclose some of this Gentleman’s virtues in order to enable people of Jigawa central have an informed and right choice by giving him a chance to represent them in the Nigerian Senate come 2019.

It is my humble belief that if an individual can use his own resources to give so much as these to his people and community, without holding any public office, then what about when he is in the position of a Senator ?

UMAR writes from ABU Zaria.