By Bukola Olasanmi

Dr Ognonnaya Onu

The Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Obgonnaya Onu is in Cairo, Egypt, to attend the third Edition of African Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation in Africa.

The 3-Day Conference is expected to sharpen perspectives on Improved Knowledge on Science. Technology and Innovation status in Africa, and enhance a high level of public awareness on its performance.

The Forum will further strengthen the contribution of the private sector in Africa and, by extension, accelerate it financing, cooperation and partnership in the development process, especially among African nations.

The Forum which is expected to commence on Saturday, February 9, 2018, is expected to trigger a robust dialogue among Ministers of African nations in charge of Higher Education, Science and Technology and other development co-operation stakeholders in the science, Technology and Innovation sector in the continent.

The event is jointly being organized by the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the African Development Bank.

Dr. Obgonnaya Onu is expected back in the country on Tuesday, February 13, 2018.