1. Real guys don’t usually have very large penises.

No, not every guy has a nine-incher. It’s true. Some guys are really small down there, too.

2. Most girls also don’t want to have a guy who’s too well-endowed.

I find that I’m an outlier when it comes to my preferences in guys. I’m a major size queen, but most of my female friends say that the sizes I prefer would be extremely painful for them.

3. But really, girls don’t care too much about man-hood size.

It’s really not the dealbreaker that guys think it is and, to a point, I’ve begun to think that the man-hood size obsession may be linked with what they see in P0*n.

4. Most women don’t look like P0*n stars, either.

Even adult film stars don’t tend to look the way you’d expect them to look in real life. The fact is that both male and female bodies are flawed in real life, and that’s actually kind of cool if you think about it. Nobody’s perfect, you know? But that’s part of the most awesome aspect of s*x— overlooking the fact that you’re not perfect, and appreciating the beauty you have otherwise.

5. s*x is also a lot more emotional than in P0*n films.

There’s real passion involved, and it’s not all about just moaning and groaning. There are emotions at play. s*x has lasting implications in real life, even if it’s a casual fling.

6. Positions are often different.

When you shoot P0*n, you have to think about the angles of the camera. In real life, women aren’t contorting themselves on a guy, nor are men doing all those crazy acrobatic tricks. This is a relief because frankly, that kind of physical effort wouldn’t be possible for many of us.

7. Also, most women don’t climax from vaginal penetration alone.

In P0*n, women do this thing called “faking an climax,” and sadly, a lot of guys didn’t catch on. For a typical woman to climax, you will need to stimulate their cli**ris, bosoms, and other goods. Unfortunately, P0*n films don’t show guys doing this, so many men don’t think it’s necessary.

8. The vast majority of women also don’t squirt.

Only around 6 percent of women squirt on a regular basis, and in order for that to happen, they typically have to have their G-spot massaged. If you don’t have a squirting partner, don’t feel bad. It’s nowhere near as common as P0*n makes you think.