Barely minutes after the sack of United States’ now-former Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, was announced, President Donald Trump’s personal assistant, John McEntee has been fired and escorted off the White House grounds because of an unspecified security issue.

It is not immediately clear why McEntee, who has been working with Trump since the early days of his presidential campaign had been sacked, but reports indicate that he was not allowed to gather his personal belongings before being sent away.

Still, although that swift departure suggests a potentially serious violation, reports indicate that McEntee will now assume a new role in the President’s 2020 campaign.

In his role as Trumps personal assistant, McEntee was tasked with giving the President messages, and with ensuring that the clocks were running on time and set correctly for daylight-saving time.

The firing came just minutes after the White House announced the sudden departure of Tillerson, who was reportedly not notified that his tenure as America’s top diplomat would be coming to an end.