Stephanie Otobo says Apostle Suleman did not pay her to confess
Stephanie Otobo says Apostle Suleman did not pay her to confess
Stephanie Otobo slams online media for lying against her

Canada-based Nigerian singer, Stephanie Otobo slammed a popular online media over a video where she purportedly said that Apostle Johnson Suleman, the General Overseer of the Omega Fire Ministry Worldwide, forced her to confess in his church.
Recall that a few weeks ago, a video of the singer cum dancer confessing during a crusade at the Fire and Miracle Night of Omega Fire Ministries’ International Worship Centre in Auchi, Edo State, where she said she was paid by some politicians and enemies of the man of God to blackmail him.
A few days later, the online medium ran a story with a video of Otobo where she allegedly said that Apostle Suleman forced and paid her to make the confession that she lied against the preacher over a sex scandal that rocked the duo in March 2017.
Disclaiming the video published by the online medium on Tuesday, January 30, 2018, Otobo categorically denied ever granting the said interview and denied allegations that she was lured by Apostle Suleman to confess.
In a telephone chat with our correspondent in Lagos on the video, Otobo said:
“I was not lured, kidnapped, forced or paid to confess by Apostle Suleman. Those who said he paid or forced me are either lying or plain mad.
I will soon reveal the identities of the people who paid me to blackmail him. I confessed so as to have peace of mind and my wellbeing as a human being.
How much can the Apostle pay me that will match what I was paid, and I am still being offered more, by my sponsors?”
Otobo said the reason she decided to come out and confess was to have peace of mind as she had been having sleepless nights for several months over the role she played in the widely-spread sex scandal.

Apostle Johnson Suleman
Apostle Johnson Suleman has been exonerated by Stephanie Otobo

Otobo also accused her alleged sponsors of blackmail, stating that the said video was made in June 2017 in the Canada home of a man named Chidi, whom she claimed was responsible for most of the videos she released last year on the scandal.


“The video (posted by the online media), was made in June 2017, and it was made by my manipulators so that they would have something against me in case I ever told the truth.”

Asked when she would mention the names of the people who allegedly sponsored her to tarnish the image of Apostle Suleman, Otobo said:
“For those of you asking me to mention names, sure, I will mention names in court because they have been sending emails and texts offering me a lot of money but I cannot be manipulated anymore.”

While Nigerians are eagerly awaiting the list as she has promised, it seems the scandal keeps growing by the day as there are many who do not believe Otobo or the turn of events. Many are wondering why she had to wait this long to confess if indeed she was manipulated.
Watch the new video here:


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