Sierra Leone decides

Tension mounts as vote counting begins across Sierra Leone in Wednesday’s general elections.

At a polling station at Brooksfields Hotel in the west end of Freetown the police are dealing with riots involving rival supporters of the incumbent APC and main opposition SLPP.

At least one person was reportedly stabbed in that incident and have been hospitalised.

At the extreme west end of the city opposition presidential candidate Maada Bio and his supporters are defending his private residence, which also serves as one if his offices, from the police who say they are acting on intelligence to counter an alleged illegal activity in the building.

Bio, who is accusing the police and government of intimidation and has threatened to call his supporters out in to the streets if it continues, say they are only monitoring the counting process using technological equipment, which the police are apparently uncomfortable with.

Abdulai Bayraytay, Presidential spokesman and media head for the APC, said law and order had to be maintained and therefore Bio and his supporters must submit to the police.

Observers fear situation in the tiny West African nation may once again degenerate into armed conflict, similar to what it passed through a decade ago.