By: AbdulRahman Agboola

1803 – 1815 in Europe was an era of the Napoleonic Wars that arose from the resultant conflict of the French Revolution, one of the categories of the wars was the third coalition in 1805.

According to a reliable source, Napoleon inherited a very chaotic republic but turned the tides around with the aid of stable finances, well-trained army and strong bureaucracy in his administration.

The highly intense wars gave birth to the Congress of Vienna that facilitated relative peace enjoyed for a very long duration in Europe through the spread of nationalism and liberalism.

A deep reflection on the Napoleonic Wars shows genuine citizenry support for their leader on the altar of extreme patriotism with determination for a creation of a self-sufficient Country as displayed by one of the war legend Nicolas Chauvin who was badly wounded at the war front.

Despite receiving a worthy pension, Chauvin remained a fanatical Bonapartist even after the abdication of Napoleon and subsequent events gave birth to Chauvinism in recognition of his single-minded blind devotion to bonapartism despite all odds.

The display of chauvinism by some Nigerians in protection of the current administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari cannot be described as misplaced, there are occasions where the inherent trust and believe in the integrity of a personality leading a government influence patriotism and nationalism among citizens even when economy is in comatose.

It is a known fact that the administration fell short of expectations of rapid revamping of the economy, crushing of corrupt practices in the society, especially among public officials and abating criminalities to the extreme minimal.

In the expression of Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan “Life in the state of nature is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short” these descriptions are found in current travails of insecurity and criminalities in our society influenced by intolerance, fear and hatred among ethnics at wars in notable places in the North being hanged on the neck of Mr President by his detractors in a cruel manner that depicts Nigeria not umbrella for all Nigerians as dictated by the Nigeria Constitution.

When President Olusegun Obasanjo was Nigeria President in 1999, two prominent Yoruba Towns Ife and Modakeke waged war against themselves for more than six months before peace accord were signed by the leaders of the two towns, should we hold the President as the Chief Security Officer of Nigeria responsible for irrational behaviours among his people or when the Niger Delta Militants were killing expatriates and destroying oil installations, President Good Luck Jonathan should have been held responsible for the insecurity that plagued the Country under his watch.

The idea of throwing tantrums at leaders on the ground of racial affinity with certain retrogressive elements involved in criminalities calls for a cursory look, if we must weather the storm together to rebuild this Country.

Nigeria Constitution only guarantees the rights to religion, it didn’t create or enforced any religion as the religion of the people of Nigeria neither did the Constitution abrogated race or tribal recognition, it only promotes the spirit of nationalism and one Nigeria.

The arrow heads of forces that have been determining the emergence of a Nigerian President since 1999 through mastery of the arts of deceit and divide and rule are at play again with the new slogan “third force” with targets to weigh the trend for possibilities of gathering interest parties against the present leadership of the Country.

Those familiar with the arts of convictions will understand why it is easy for political gladiators to mobilise forces against any incumbent President seeking a re-election in Nigeria. Since our economy has continue to wither away and government have failed to curbed corruption as a means to create abundant wealth, it takes financial strength and goodwill by the incumbent President to secure a re-election bid in Nigeria.

The same way powers are not always gotten through the barrels, same vein,  blackmail and propaganda doesn’t win election against a well loved President.

The much  touted “Third Force” or Nigeria Coalition Movement led by former Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola who was a member of the earlier ruling Party PDP and currently a member of the ruling APC with similar antecedents with other front liners of the coalition simply attempt display the intemperate aspect of chauvinism in disguise as ordinary Nigerians especially the young people that are not beneficiaries of both APC and PDP can be regarded as weak, inferior and unorganized to make positive impacts in the polity.

Must we always obey their directives or why do the retired Generals always pop-up deceptively to rally the masses towards a particular path, alas, the civilians probably lacks the technical strategies to mobilise a free order to compel the government to perform exceedingly positive, this must not be the narrative every time.

Prior to the defeat of PDP as the ruling party, it was regarded as bereft of any specific political ideology to address the palpable problems of unemployment, insecurity and anti-corruption that has plagued our Country for time immemorial.

In the buildup to the last general election, APC was viewed as an alternative with defined mission and value added manifestoes at variance with reality today, but one imagine that none out of over eighty political parties in Nigeria can sufficiently mobilise Nigerians to create a new order if so displeased with the current administration.

If people are being canvassed against re-election of a President that has not even declared intention to that effect and the canvassers are his contemporaries, then the young people must have been infested with low esteem and cowardice for any tilt to the third force by those that plunged the Country into the current economic and social malaise.

In the literary rendition “Oath of Fealty” popularized the phrase “think of it as evolution in action” Larry Niven further said “the God do not protect fools. Fools are protected by more capable fools”.

The third force if needed must be a product of necessity promoted by people without questionable antecedents, any pattern that tends to bring re-alignment of forces to display our penchant for misadventure as witnessed in the past must be deluded by the masses. The masses must stop playing the characters that placed them at disadvantage positions capable fools protecting fools.

If the choice of APC as the ruling party was influenced on the integrity of President Muhammadu Buhari and the intellectual capabilities of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu then the missing link “think of it as evolution” that disconnected the man of integrity from tapping the intellectual capabilities from his promoter should found to avert the impending doom being peddled around by the third force comprising of people of vested personal interest seeking everlasting relevance within the corridors of power at the expense of the collective goods of all Nigerians.

In the permutation to the merger of political forces that birthed APC years ago, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was denied the opportunity to be the running mate to Muhammadu Buhari simply because both of them are Moslems and the party was threatened with the caption “if you go through this door, you will be killed”, for survival, the party opted for a Moslem/Christian Ticket to soar to victory, where has that religious politics taken us to after three years.

Rather than the Moslem/Christian combination to birth harmony among Moslems and Christians in Nigeria, MURIC and CAN takes accusations to public domain every day.

We have allowed religious bias to lead us into so many misadventures in the past, if this is a Christian, that must be a Moslem, if not the gate of hell will be left open and the reward is high poverty, unemployment and insecurity.

Our thinking should be geared towards humanity as ultimate preference in our choice of leadership, the mandate given to the present administration must be seen with the concept of “think of it as evolution” in order for all well-meaning Nigerians to put on their thinking caps to assimilate the determination of solutions to the current travails as resetting an agenda for this administration and declare national emergency to solve Nigeria problems under the trusted President Muhammadu Buhari.

The Ministers and other appointees of Mr President who are misrepresenting his good intentions and abusing their offices must be exposed. Vintage reports from the covers of NYCN active leaders recently exposed the abuse of power by the Minister for Youth and Sports Development Mr Solomom Dalung for failure to resolve the inherited crisis of impasse in the leadership of the National Youth Council of Nigeria for almost three years in office but abused his office to connive with an old accomplice seeking personal fame in the Country known as Dickson Akoh of the Peace Corps of Nigeria to engage in actions that further depleted the ranks of the NYCN leaders.

A detail analysis on this will be advanced to the general public and President Muhammadu Buhari as an eye opener to serious abuse of office by certain Ministers in this administration.

During the health challenge of Mr President last year, the Forum of State Chairmen of the National Youth Council of Nigeria under the Chairmanship of Comrade Sukubo Sara Igbe Sukubo the Chairman of Rivers State Chapter of NYCN secured the philanthropic gestures of the Founder of Belema Foundation Engr Jack Rich-Tein who sponsored a National Prayer organized at the Eagle Square Abuja.

In the cause of organizing the event, the alarming news of factional crisis rocking the national leadership of NYCN reached the hearing of the peace lover – Engr Jack Rich who rose to the challenges of reconciling the three warring factions to form a National Transition Committee upon signing harmonisation plans registered in Federal High Court Abuja.

The Minister for Youth that earlier turned deaf ears to the resolution of the crisis connived with certain elements at logger heads with the original Board of Trustees NYCN under the Chairmanship of Chief Makole Omo Azugbene that supervised the harmonisation of warring factions to create a parallel leadership in their bid to claim glory at the expense of the rare intervention of the famous Jack Rich at solving the NYCN crisis.

By the dictates of both the National Youth Policy and the Constitution of NYCN, the Ministry of Youth and Sports Developments has the supervisory role and the serving Minister lacked the authority to either impose or inaugurate leadership for NYCN as he undertook recently to further create factions in the Council.

To those who are well familiar with the trend in NYCN, the Minister of Youth and Sports Development is currently being accused of conspiracy with Dickson Akoh of Peace Corps of Nigeria to lift the caveat placed on NYCN file at the Corporate Affairs Commission to dubiously change the board of trustees to hold NYCN to ransom as a bait to influence Mr President to assent to the Bill for the Establishment of Nigeria Peace Corps already passed by the National Assembly.

Their antics actually fetched them a questionable Certificate of Incorporation already recognized by the Minister but rejected by majority of the NYCN past and present leaders that describes the action as fraud.

As said by Edmund Burke – “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” young Nigerians must fathom genuine means of supporting this administration to secure a well guaranteed future where tranquility, harmony, peace and abundant wealth will be witnessed in our lands.

Since we have witnessed that a mere change of government in Nigeria is not a guarantee for instant solutions of our numerous challenges as a people, then we must facilitate a means to an end to make our government responsible and responsive to the yearnings and aspirations of the people.


AbdulRahman Agboola

National Headquarters,

National Youth Council of Nigeria