True Confession: 'My ex-girlfriend elder sister wants me to date her'
True Confession: 'My ex-girlfriend elder sister wants me to date her'
True Confession: ‘My ex-girlfriend elder sister wants me to date her’

Dear Editor,
“My name is Dapo, a 40-year-old man. I am a divorced father three children. I am not proud of being a divorcee but due to circumstances beyond my control, my wife had to leave me.
I was a general manager with a manufacturing firm till five years ago when the company folded up and my wife left me when she could no longer cope with the situation.
It was becoming difficult to feed my family and after I sold off most of my properties and invested in a business, I was duped by the people I thought had come to my aid.
My wife packed out of the house and left me with the two children and it has been the grace of God that has been sustaining us.
However, I have a dilemma because the elder sister of my childhood girlfriend wants me to date her and I see that as an abomination.
When I was in the Polytechnic, I was going out with Bimpe. Bimpe was the most beautiful girl in our community and I was the envy of all the boys in the area.
Everyone including all our family members knew about us and naturally, they believed we would get married in the future. It was easy to think so because we were so much in love and were hardly apart.
But like they say, man proposes but God disposes; we ended up getting married to different people but while Bimpe marriage is still intact and she is doing well in her matrimonial home, my marriage and home are in tatters.
So you can imagine my surprise when I ran into Bimpe’s older sister, Damilola two months ago at a function and she invited me to her office after hearing all I have been going through.
Dami is in her mid-forties and has never been married but is very wealthy and runs her own company. When I went to meet her with the hope of giving me a job, Dami whom I still call aunty due to the fact that I was dating her youngest sister, opened up that she wanted me to be her lover.
She confessed that even when I was going out with Bimpe, she had been in love with me but did not know how to tell me.
But now that Bimpe is happily married and I am divorced, then there was nothing wrong in me dating her or even getting married to her.
She even said she needed a man to help her run her company and that I was just the right man to run the business perfectly.
At first, I told her it would be impossible to for us to sleep together and would be an abomination but she told me to think about all the good things that would come my way.
Before I left, she gave me the sum of N100,000, an amount I had not handled for months, and told me to think about her proposal.
I have confided in some friends and some of them think I should go ahead and date aunty Dami since Bimpe is married and settled but I am still confused.
Dear readers, we want you to weigh in on True Confession today and tell Dapo what to do in this situation he has found himself.

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