This worried woman is desperate for marriage

“Dear Editor,
My name is Caroline, a 42-year-old single woman desperately in need of a husband. Time is running out for me and my biological clock is fast ticking and yet I find it difficult to get a man to settle down with.

I have a good job and I also run a business by the side. I am comfortable though I will not say I am really wealthy though I have my own house, two cars, four shops and I have all it takes to make the lucky man very happy.

I take care of my body and people really think I am in my 30s. I am not that ugly and I am neither haughty or proud. At times I keep wondering why God has abandoned me to my fate. I don’t know if I was destined never to get married and have my own family. It is not that I have not been in relationships before. I have dated some few men with the hopes of settling down but in the end, they always dump me after using me. I am very generous and I make sure I assist my man whenever the need arises but they always take advantage of me in the end after giving them my money, body, and soul.

I am really sad at my situation. I have prayed, fasted, gone through assignments with the hopes that God will come to my aid and provide a good man for me but all my efforts have been in vain.
I say here again that I need a man desperately so I can at least have children I can call my own. People mock me every time with some saying I may have been too selective when I was much younger but I can swear that I am not that type.
Others say I have a spiritual husband and all sorts of nonsense because of my single status. I want to plead with you to help me post this: maybe I will have my own man from this site.
God bless you.
Dear readers, you have read this passionate appeal from Caroline on True Confession today. Do you know any good man in need of a wife? Kindly get in touch so we can help a sister in need.
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