By Aminat Mohammed

February 14th means different things to different people. To some, it is a day specially set aside to show love. Many people give cards, chocolates, flowers, perfumes or presents to their spouse or partner as an expression of their love. 

To some other persons, Valentine’s Day or Lovers’ Day as many choose to call it however means more than just a day to show love.

To teenagers and youths especially, the day has become a day to break barriers in any romantic relationship? 

Are they wrong to feel so? Perhaps, it is the misconception about the day that has left them feeling that way.

Have you ask what actually is valentine day and why is called Valentine’s day and not any other name

Ok, here is a brief history of Valentine’s day

Saint valentine was a roman priest during third century while serving under emperor Claudius, the emperor believed that single men made better soldiers than the married ones with families he passed a law , making marriage illegal for all young men.  Saint Valentine recognized the horror of this law and continued to marry young couples in secret effectively defying the emperor. When the emperor found out about saint valentine’s defiance, he had him beaten and beheaded immediately. Valentine was later canonized by the Vatican in the 5th century; February 14th was named his feast day designated by the church to honour and commemorate a saint’s life. In France and England, February 14th is the beginning of the bird’s mating season, which symbolizes love, fertility, and the promise of spring. Valentine’s day is celebrated in most countries of the world today, it began to gain popularity in the 17th century where it was not common for friends to exchange gifts. The first valentine’s day celebration greeting card was believed to be sold in the year 1808 by Esther Howland , also known as the mother of valentine. She was the first artist to publish and sell valentine cards in the United States. Ever since then, valentine’s day has been celebrated as  lovers day/holiday and a day of romance since the 14thcentury.

From the above history, we will understand that valentine is supported to be a day of celebrating a catholic priest in other words, it’s supposed to be celebrated in a Godly way 

But noooo. Trust our Nigeria boys and girls na. It has turned to a day when any type of atrocities can happen, no crime! 

Its turned to a day of fornication, some youths get disflowered, some starts smoking, drinking, homosexualism and the rest

You see a young girl keeping her virginity till feb 14th to show the guy she loves him…… You see guys stealing and lying just because they want money to buy a girl lingerie and flowers for val

It Is not suppose to be a man and woman thing or day or a day where we are expected to show love, give to the less privileged, visit the sick and give them hope

Do you know that the perception people have about this day have caused many people their lives, destinies and career? 

So many people have been forced to  living a life of regret as a result of valentine, others have lost their wombs, their relationships all in the name of celebrating valentine 

Why are we turning this day to a sinful day instead of a day of giving hope to the hopeless. Just a little act of kindness and Love can change awhole lot

Valentine’s day have turned into  a day were the highest number of sexual activities  are committed, it is also the day that  highest number or unwanted babies are been conceived,increasing the rate of abortion by increasing health risk, some have even resulted to dead

why not just let today be a day to show true love, reflection and focus. Let’s not misuse this day. Show love and not make a life long mistake by faking love in the wrong way