10 tips to staying fresh in hot weather

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It is summertime again and the heat can affect your body and the way you feel.

The upshot is an increase in perspiring through the day, odour and general uneasiness in one’s skin. You’ll need a foolproof routine to counter it.

Give your body the care it deserves by staying fresh and irritation free all day long. Check out these ten tips to stay fresh in hot weather…

  • Jump in the shower; upgrade your shower routine
  • Control perspiration as much as possible; wear deodorant. Avoid dousing yourself in perfume or cologne.
  • Use body powder to absorb moisture.
  • Slather on a lightweight lotion
  • Wear breathable fabrics
  • Stay hydrated
  • Use sanitary wipes to quickly cleanse yourself
  • Be prepared in case your period starts.
  • Take care of your feet
  • Keep your breath fresh, too.
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