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2020 Prophecy: New Year to usher in “drastic, dramatic and dimensional shifts” -Dr Paul Enenche

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…Cautions against acts to suppress Christianity in Nigeria

Dr. Paul Enenche, Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, has released his prophecies for the year 2020.

Enenche prophesied that the year 2020 would be a season of Supernatural Shift his members and Nigeria as a nation, adding that the year would usher in “drastic, dramatic and dimensional shifts.”

He made the disclosure during the cross-over service held at the church’s headquarters, Glory Dome in Abuja on Wednesday morning.

A swam of worshipers at the Dunamis Glory Dome Abuja. Photo: Lawrence Audu/TVN

Enenche also warned against any plot to “de-Christianize” Nigeria, stressing that such a move will not see the light of day.

He said: “For those connected and associated to this commission, 2020 equals a supernatural shift and for Nigeria as a country its supernatural shift. Whether the devil likes it or not what has tied you down as a nation is broken. The shift would be in three folds which are drastic, dramatic and dimensional.

“2020, what will happen in this time in our country Nigeria will not take time, it will happen like a dream. It shall be drastic, dramatic and dimensional in nature.

Worshipers at the Dunamis Glory Dome Abuja. Photo: Lawrence Audu/TVN

“2020 will usher us, Nigeria into infrastructural releases.

“2020 is a season of revival explosion in Nigeria, raw evangelism, a shift in the spiritual realm.

“Any devil that thinks Nigeria would be de-Chrstainized should have a rethink. Those who want to wipe Jesus Christ out of Nigeria will be buried, all of them.

“No level of frustration and intimidation from the East to the West will suffocate Christianity out of Nigeria.

“It’s too late for the devil, any terrorist and their sponsors to de-Christianize Nigeria will fail.

“2020 is a season of signs and wonders in Nigeria as we have never seen before.

“2020 is the beginning of a financial explosion

“2020 is a season of infrastructural explosion

“2020 is a season of speed, lifting and it’s a time for a change of order in Nigeria. Things won’t continue the way they have been,” he added.

Front view of the Glory Dome


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