Without Buhari’s support governors won’t be able to pay salaries – Jigawa gov

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Governor Muhammad Badaru of Jigawa State has reechoed the position of some governors elected on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) that Buhari is the best thing that has happened to Nigeria since independence,

Badaru said the claim is a fact and he supports the position, “100 percent”.

Explaining why he totally supports the position, the governor said without the support of Buhari, some governors will not be able to pay salaries and carry out infrastructural development.

He said, “Certainly, I agree with the given circumstances we have now. I believe 100 percent. I know what I inherited. I know the trouble I got through. I know at one time, I even wanted to leave. Really, without the support of Buhari, we wouldn’t have raised our heads up as governors,” he said.

“If you remember, he bailed out all the states, gave 18-month support for us to pay salaries — all of the governors. He paid the Paris fund money for all to do infrastructure.”

Badaru stated this while featuring on a Channels Television Programme last night.
The Jigawa State governor also stated that the Buhari administration is doing his best to resolve the crisis involving farmers and herders in the country.

He noted that the crisis was not caused by the ineptitude of the current government but by the failure of successive previous administrations which he tersely described as “neglect of past leaders”.

Badaru also commended the present administration’s efforts on security, noting that the bombings carried out by Boko Haram have reduced.

He also argued that banditry and kidnapping did not start under the administration of Buhari but “it just continued”.

“The Fulani herdsmen crisis with the farmers has been brewing for so many years, and that developed over time because of the neglect of past leaders,” Badaru said.

“Unfortunately for us, it gets right at this time and President Muhammadu Buhari is doing his best to solve this problem and curtail the onslaught.

“If we look at this critically and analyse it critically, certainly the banditry and kidnapping did not start with Buhari, it just continued.”