Tinubu will make a good president but I have ‘a slight edge’ over him — Okupe

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Former aide to Ex-Presidents, Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan has spoken on the strengths and weaknesses of a national leader of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, as a potential president of the country.

Okupe said Tinubu has the political wherewithal to be a good president if he emerges victorious at the poll in 2023.

He stated this in a statement, titled BOLA TINUBU AND PRESIDENCY 2023, released yesterday.

Okupe, who had signalled intention to contest the 2023 election, also described Tinubu as a formidable opponent.

He, however, said he had a “slight edge” over the former governor of Lagos State wheen it comes to national and presidential politics as the APC stalwart has never been a witness to the intrigues characterising decision-making in the presidency.

He said, “Besides this, I personally see Bola Tinubu as a formidable opponent in d 2023 presidential race.

“Asiwaju is one of d most politically sagacious politician in this period. His acumen & administrative competence are worthy of commendation. In summary Asiwaju will be a good President

“However, I believe I have a slight edge over him in that I understand national and Presidential politics more than him and in terms of intellectual resourcefulness we are at par if I am not better.”

Okupe also faulted the semantic aptness of the words “slump or stumble” used to describe what happened to Tinubu, as shown in a viral video, while trying to find his way to the podium to deliver his speech in Kaduna two days ago.

He said: “I think I should begin by commenting on the Bola Tinubu’s purported ” slump” or “stumbling” at the Arewa Lecture.

“Please let it be clear that I am not commenting on the state of health of Asiwaju.

“Just on my own observation drawn from watching the video currently in circulation.

“There was neither a fall nor a slump. From that video, these English words cannot be ascribed to what is seen on the video.

“What I saw was a Bola Tinubu walking on a plain and unaware of a step down in level or a slight decent which created a misstep and a stumble leading to a brief staggering which can happen to anyone walking in a crowded unfamiliar terrain”.