Police officer killed in fresh U.S. Capitol attack

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A U.S. Capitol Police officer was killed and another injured after a man drove a car into a security barricade at the Capitol complex on Friday, Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman said.

The driver was shot after jumping out of the car with a knife and failing to respond to verbal commands and “lunging” at the officers, Pittman said. The suspect was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead a short time later.

Four senior law enforcement officials briefed on the investigation identified the suspect as a 25-year-old from Indiana named Noah Green.

Pittman did not identify the slain officer because the officer’s next of kin has not yet been notified.

The extent of the injuries to the second officer were not clear.

“I just ask that the public continue to keep U.S. Capitol police and their families in your prayers. This has been an extremely difficult time for U.S. Capitol police after the events of January 6, and now the events that have occurred here today,” Pittman said.

The acting chief of the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, Robert Contee, said that his department would take over the investigation. “It does not appear to be terrorism related,” Contee said.

Contee and Pittman both said the suspect was not someone who was previously known to their departments.

The attempted breach happened at the north barricade vehicle access point at around 1 p.m. ET, officials said.

The Capitol complex was locked down for about two hours after the incident.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered flags at the Capitol be flown at half-staff in honor of the fallen officer.

A heavy law-enforcement presence quickly descended upon the complex, including dozens of National Guard troops. Two stretchers were seen being taken out of an ambulance and a helicopter landed on the east front of Capitol.

A message sent to congressional offices said, “Due to an external security threat,” there was ” no entry or exit is permitted at this time. You may move throughout the building(s) but stay away from exterior windows and doors. If you are outside, seek cover.”

Security at the Capitol has been heightened with extra security measures and personnel in place since a mob of Trump supporters stormed the complex during the Jan. 6 electoral vote count before a joint session of Congress. One officer, Brian Sicknick, died as a result of injuries during the riot, and two other officers died by suicide in the weeks after the violence.