‘I have 12 children from different women’ – Actor, Mr Ibu

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Nollywood actor, John Okafor popularly known as Mr Ibu has opened up on the number of kids he has with different women.
According to Mr Ibu, many people believe men with pot bellies are not always sexually active or good in bed.
Citing himself as an example, the comic actor said it’s not true because he is very active in bed and he has 13 children from different women.
“Some people have said that people with potbellies are not good lovers or sexually active but being good on the bed is relative. My answer to this is that I have 13 children (10 boys and two girls) though I lost one of them, so they are now 12. That is the evidence of my sexual virility. I hatch children like pigeons,” Mr Ibu said.
Speaking further, the actor said “I don’t cheat on my wife. I had children before I married her. I left that life because many women wanted to have children for me but I cannot build a primary school in my house.”
On the lessons he has picked from marriage since he got married, Enugu state born comic actor said, “Whatever is yours will be yours no matter what happens. What will be yours will be yours. Just be patient and be ready to tolerate the other person. Give sacrificially. I give a lot to my wife and she also does. I buy my wife a car every time she delivers a child. I have bought four cars for her within our period of marriage and my wife likes to call me sweet names.  Those names are my ‘mumu buttons’. I love it when she calls me those names. My wife is my best friend, we quarrel and settle it without anybody knowing about our issues.”