Bobrisky rushed to hospital over complications of cosmetic surgery

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Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, popularly known as Bobrisky, a Nigerian Internet celebrity and entrepreneur has taken to Instagram to disclose that he was rushed to the hospital two nights ago due to complications arising from his cosmetic surgery.
According to the Cross-dresser, he developed a chronic pain on his hips and he need medical attention.
Speaking further, Bob said he expected such pains and he does not mind paying the price to get the Brazillian-Butt he aims for.
In his words; “I was rushed to the nearest hospital two nights ago because I was having massive pain on hips. No regret !!! Banging body loading… massive pain was already expected. Now my market fee has increased. You all need to see my hips is damn big and sexy.”
Bobrisky had also earlier hinted he is ready to take any risk even if it costs him his life because he doesn’t want his boyfriend to stop sending him money.
He wrote: “For those who care to know or rather asking me who I dey do yansh for? I’m doing it to please my boyfriend!!! He is so cute, a billionaire with cute lips and dark skin, so I need to look extremely hot to continue matching his spec. I also don’t him to stop spending that cash.”