Reps confirm Yahaya as Chief of Army Staff

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THE House of Representatives has confirmed the nomination of Major General Farouk Yahaya as Chief of Army Staff.

The confirmation followed the consideration and adoption of the screening report by the House’ Committees on Defense and Army at today’s plenary.

President Muhammadu Buhari had asked the Senate and the House to confirm the appointment of Yahaya.

The Senate had exactly a week ago confirmed Yahaya as the new Army Chief, replacing late Lt.-Gen. Ibrahim Attahiru who died alongside10 others in a plane crash in Kaduna.

During his screening in the Green Chamber, the nominee, who was asked to introduce himself, also recalled that he had worked in all the strategic positions, departments and units of the Nigerian Army, making him understand their peculiarities and situations.

He added that he served on international war and peacekeeping missions including in Liberia.

The COAS designate said, “I am Major General Farouk Yahaya. I was born on January 5, 1966…in Sokoto State. I joined the military 36 years ago. So, if you will, I have brought a lot with me; 36 years of military experience, having joined the Army on the 26th September 1985, as a member of the 37th Regular Course in the NDA (Nigerian Defense Academy). I passed on the 22nd of September 1990.

“Since that time, I have passed through all the relevant courses commensurate with my career as I grow up and I have (served) in various capacities, including command, staff, administration and extracurricular.”

Yahaya also said, “I went to the headquarters of Theatre Command as Theatre Commander and I am pleased to observe that I am one of the longest-serving Theatre Commanders. I think only the former CDS served longer than me. I have been there for over a year.

“I am pleased to report that it was under my command that we were able to enter the Timbuktu Triangle that we were not able to get into for a very long time. Timbuktu was one dreaded area that hitherto was held by the terrorists. But with the support of the Federal Government and the Chief of Army Staff then, we were able to clear the Timbuktu Triangle and ransack all the hitherto enclaves of Boko Haram.

“Having looked at my career, I believe I have virtually seen it all. I have seen war in other countries and how it was done. I was involved in internal security operations, both here and there; I have been to the North-West, South-South and to the North-East.

“The challenges we are facing now, all are characterised by these areas I have mentioned, where I have first-hand information; where I have also commanded troops and administered them in achieving what we have done.

“I, therefore, believe that I have the prerequisite requirement to provide my services in this office of the Chief of Army Staff if so confirmed. What I have brought is 36 years of experience and commitment regarding leadership that I have had throughout my career.”