MURIC supports Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, cautions US on propaganda

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ISLAMIC rights group, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has declared its support for the Taliban Government in Afghanistan and urged political observers to ignore all forms of propaganda by the United States government.

In a statement issued yesterday by its Director, Ishaq Akintola, MURIC urged political observers across the world to disregard claims by Washington that the Taliban government would engage in a mass execution of citizens that stay behind in Afghanistan after the airlifting exercise.

He said: “Already, America and its Western allies are neck-deep in an international conspiracy to ensure that Afghanistan becomes a failed state. This explains the frenzied evacuation exercise.

“They are encouraging every skilled Afghan citizen to leave Afghanistan. It is a calculated attempt to drag the poor country into a brain drain crisis.

“This they do by spreading fear and rumour of mass executions awaiting anyone who stays behind after the exit of allied forces. They ignore the announcement of general amnesty for all made by the Taliban and lay emphasis on possible clampdown on women and the imposition of Shariah law.

“Most of these fears are unfounded as the Taliban had already declared a more liberal treatment of women.

“MURIC advises America to learn from history. America must allow the Taliban to settle down. Gunboat diplomacy alone cannot rule the world. Respect for human values and norms, including people’s different faiths, is necessary to keep the world away from humanitarian disasters.

“Our advice to the Taliban is to remember that Allah-given fundamental human rights are sacrosanct. The Taliban must avoid extreme measures.

“We urge them to respect the rights of women, children, and non-Muslims as recognised in Islam and to distance their regime from violent and terror-loving elements.”

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