Abducted five-year-old Kano schoolgirl found dead

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A five-year-old girl, who was abducted last month in Kawaji, Nasarawa Local Government Area of Kano Sate, has been found dead.

Her uncle Surajo Sulaiman told reporters that Hanifa Abubakar has been buried.

BBC Pidgin discovered that her body was found in a building on Thursday.

The police said three suspects have been arrested in connection with the incident, including her teacher at the school she attended.

Hanifa was taken to an unknown destination while returning from an Islamiyya school known as Dahiru Bauchi on December 4, 2021.

Sulaiman had said that his niece was taken away in a tricycle locally known as Keke.

He stated that the unknown driver promised to give the girl and some other children coming from the Islamiyya school a lift home but she was taken away.

Sulaiman said the other children who witnessed the incident told him how Hanifa was abducted.

“They closed from school around 5:30 pm; the distance from her home to the Islamiyya school is not far. So children normally trek to the school in groups. After dropping the children off, they then asked Hanifa to enter again for an ‘extra’ ride, and then zoomed off with her,” he said.

Residents of Kawaji told the news platform that they suspected a tricycle driver who was seen in the area severally days leading to Hanifa’s disappearance.

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