Stop blaspheming Jesus Christ, Adeboye warns Daddy Freeze

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GENERAL Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has warned media personality, Daddy Freeze, to stop blaspheming Jesus Christ.

Adeboye made this known in reaction to Freeze’s comment about women allegedly turning to Ogun (diety of thunder) to rain curses on the terrorists who killed worshippers in Owo, Ondo State because “Bros J” (a nickname for Jesus among Nigerians) did not answer them.

Freeze had posted last month on social media, “When dem call bros J and he nor answer dem nko? We abandoned African paganism to adopt European pagan ideologies. Until we start telling ourselves the truth and take our security issues more seriously this won’t end. Christ’s message is love and that’s the first thing so glaringly missing in Nigeria.”

Adeboye, however, rebuked the media personalty the RCCG Holy Ghost Service for July.

“I understand that one funny fellow said that some people were calling on Ogun because Jesus didn’t answer them,” he said.

“Well, the one who said that there’s a Yoruba proverb, it said, the mouth that the snail uses to blasphemy God, that mouth would kiss the ground. From now on, anybody who dares blaspheme Jesus Christ, they will taste the fire of the Almighty God.”

Adeboye noted that it is God who ensures safety, adding that nobody dies until the appointed time.

“I don’t want to say much, because I know whatever I say, some people may want to twist it. But I’ve searched the Bible from cover to cover and there is nowhere in the Bible where God said a child of God cannot defend himself.

“If you find the place, let me know. He said, if they slap you on the right cheek, turn the left. If they now slap the left, what did he say? When God is silent, do you know the meaning of that, it simply means, over to you,” he said.

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