Nigeria on life support, needs prayers to survive – UI Imam

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THE Chief Imam of the University of Ibadan, Professor Abdulrahman Oloyede, says the country is currently on a life support machine and needs prayers from Nigerians.

Oloyede, a professor of Arabic and Islamic studies explained that the only solution for the citizens to resuscitate the country is to embark on more prayers to avoid its total collapse.

Oloyede made these declarations today shortly after he led thousands of Muslim faithful to observe the 2-Rakah obligatory Eld-Kabir prayer at the University of Ibadan Eld prayer ground.

The don while addressing journalists after the prayer, insisted that the current crop of political leaders has failed the country because they lost control.

He said Nigerians should embark on more prayers to have leaders that will rescue the country.

He explained that the Eld-Kabir festival is to showcase total submission to God who created human beings.

Oloyede said, “This year’s message is not directed to the leaders alone, it is directed to all Nigerians.

“Nigeria is on life support, it is melting away, all we can do is to start praying fervently, we have now seen that those who are in charge have lost control.

“Nigeria is melting away, so we should pray fervently to hold this nation again. All of us irrespective of where we come from and what we believe in, we must start praying and I pray we do not lose this country.

“We have tried to look for experience, it has failed us, we looked for pedigree, it has failed us, this is the reason why I said that we still need to pray to God to choose for us.

“There is no way politicians will not fail because they have one thing in common, they are selfish, and they are fighting for their own pocket. We should pray to God to choose for us.

“Eld-Kabir is essentially to showcase total submission to the God of creation. To commemorate the example laid by prophet Ibrahim”.

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