2023: Don’t cry back to Abuja after defeat, Adamu tells APC stakeholders

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SENATOR Abdullahi Adamu, the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has asked stakeholders of the party in Abia State to return to Abia and resolve their differences ahead of 2023, vowing not to listen to excuses and any blame game in the event of failure after the general election.

The Abia State chapter of the APC has been mired in crisis and confusion following a disputed primary election with many APC members in court, prompting the intervention of the National Chairman.

Announcing the constitution of an eight-member reconciliation committee for the party today in Abuja, Senator Adamu urged the party leaders to return to their state and ensure resolution of the impasse, stressing that the party will not be satisfied with a mere 25 percent in 2023.

He said that he has been made to hold many reconciliation meetings with APC Stakeholders from Abia and will not entertain the distraction again.

“We had a very comprehensive meeting, comprising leaders of Abia APC who are involved in the negotiation. We have series of meetings with the National Working Committee, during the primaries and since the primaries.

“I hope that what we have done today, the entire world will witness peace and we hope this is the very last step. We are not going to hold a reconciliation meeting again. We will now leave it to the leaders of Abia to go and play their politics in Abia state.

“Abuja is not about Abia, go to Abia, play politics there, do the necessary, lobby, and reconciliation there because all politics is local. Abuja is not an Abia locality, Abuja is the Federal Capital Territory we converge here from various states. Let Abia go and sit together”.

He challenged the stakeholders to win whatever is winnable including all the national elections – House of Representatives, Senate, governorship, likely the presidential election, saying “we will not be satisfied with just the 25% of the vote cast.

“The vote cast APC should be in the majority, simple. No halfway about it. If we are to win, we must try to win every state. We have to do some work to avoid and forget some of the prejudices and stand together.

“We don’t want anybody to come here after the election and start crying and laying blame for our failures. I will not listen to that. This is the time to unite, this is the time to work for unity. If we do, God will be with us.

In his remarks, the Chairman of the committee Senator Chris Adighije assured that the team will reach to all members of APC in the state towards building a cohesive structure ahead of the coming election.

He said: “You know what has been happening in Abia, the nation has finally decided to set up a reconciliation. To reconcile all the aggrieved members of our party so that we can build strength and face the challenges from other parties. We have to get together and quickly do so.

“We are on our way back to Abia, play the local politics, reconcile all our members and ensure that we go straight for the low-hanging fruits which we would have lost if we don’t get together and I know that by the grace of God and with the team we are going to do the needful and ensure victory for our party.”