My colleagues not at peace over Kwankwaso’s VP position – Idahosa

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The vice-presidential candidate of the New Nigeria Peoples Party, Bshop Isaac Idahaso, has said that some of his pastor colleagues didn’t take react well to his sojourn into politics.

Idahosa, in an interview with Sun, however, said he is not bothered.

“Shortly after my official unveiling in Abuja, I visited some pastors and we had good discussions on the subject matter and how to move the Body of Christ forward,” he said.

“Some of them reacted well, while some were obviously not at peace with my decision. But I am not bothered because everybody is entitled to his or her opinion. Besides, you can’t force everybody to see what you see or see things the way you see them.

“So, it is wisdom to run with those who see what you see and avoid those who see otherwise; maybe they would catch up along the line. You don’t wait for everybody to see what you see or run to your direction. If you are sure of what you see, then you move without looking back. You can’t be convinced and confused at the same time.”

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