Actresses, Uche Jombo and Chioma Akpotha ‘fight dirty’ in Dubai

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Nollywood actress and filmmaker Uche Jombo and her colleague, Chioma Akpotha got onlookers in Dubai confused when they got into a play fight.

The two who are always on each others throat on social media was seen scuffling on a sofa, as Uche Jombo was heard in the video shared saying, ‘I’ll sit on your face’.

Unfortunately, some onlookers wouldn’t get the joke as they brought out phones to video the funny moments thinking the actresses were fighting.

“See ehn, in this my life, I HATE INJUSTICE !!!
Who will fight for me now ? OMONI OBOLI finally sent UCHE after me despite professing her undying love.
There’s a new phrase in town o “ I will send UCHE to sit on you “!
Meanwhile the one wearing pink wants to block camera with here #Overloading,” Chioma captioned the video shared.