A trip to Houston’s biggest Redeemed parish

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Nigeria is home to the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). It is thus not surprising that Houston, which ace comedian AY described as the capital of Nigeria in the United States, has several parishes of this church led by Pastor E A Adeboye.
RCCG came to Texas in 1995. Of all the parishes in Houston, one stands out in terms of its space and membership, it is the one known as RCCG Restoration Chapel on Bissonnet Street, Houston.
The Restoration Chapel started in 1996.  Its services once held in a hotel before it got a rental space on a strip mall on Bissonnet Street, Houston in September 1997 with only 11 adults as members. The parish was inaugurated by Pastor Adeboye in May 1998.
With its growth, it outgrew the rented space. It acquired about 8 Acres on which the church auditoriums now sit on 13406 Beechnut Street, Houston. Thia was when it was just two years old.
“To some at that time, the proposal was either presumptuous at worst or ambitious at best. But since the leadership of the Mission is committed to faith it is hardly surprising that the membership is imbued with faith in an unchanging God. The church moved into this property on 25th, December 2000. The phenomenal growth which the church began experiencing continued until the auditorium became grossly inadequate hence the need for a bigger space. A new 1500-seater, ultra modern auditorium was completed early in 2006, and was formally dedicated by Pastor Enoch Adeboye, just before the start of the 2006 North America convention of RCCG, which took place in Houston,” information on its website said.
The church recently opened a multipurpose sport centre, where basketball and other games are played. It is named after its founding Pastor, Kamal Sanusi, who died some months back.
Sanusi was a Chartered Accountant and an Investment Banker who worked for several years in the Banking Industry in Africa.
“Though had a Muslim background, he gave his life to Christ while in the College in February 1974. He joined the Redeemed Christian Church of God in 1981. Despite his salvation encounter at the College, he went through every form of Training in the mission, including the post graduate diploma in Theology of The Redeemed Christian Bible College.
“He became Parish Pastor and later Area Pastor before his relocation to the United States. With his wife, Pastor Modupe, he pastors The Restoration chapel of RCCG in Houston Texas – a church known for her uncompromising stand on God’s word that brings miracles and signs to several people who are ready to be doers,” said the church.
Until his death, he was a member of the Board of Regional Pastors of The Redeemed Christian Church of God North America (RCCGNA) and was charged with overseeing churches in Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arkansas and the Nation of Mexico.
He also headed the Men’s ministry of RCCGNA.