Kogi most peaceful, security-friendly state in Nigeria – Middle Belt Group

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The Middle Belt Conscience Group (MBCG) has rated Kogi State under Governor Yahaya Bello as the most peaceful and security-friendly in the country.

The group said it came to this conclusion after an assessment tour of all 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory.

In a statement co-signed by Dr. Ben Omale and Adamu Matazu, the Middle Belt Conscience Group said the governor stood out among his contemporaries by adopting an unusual model.

“Without much fanfare, Alhaji Bello has turned the ugly tide of insecurity. From our tour, we noticed a state that is now enjoying relative peace and tranquillity. Also, there isn’t that usual panic in the atmosphere over religion and tribe. The governor has imbibed a sense of unity and oneness among citizens,” the statement said.

“Upon assuming office, the governor immediately gave Heads of Security Agencies in the state a marching order to flush out criminal groups, then holding Kogi to ransom. And like loyal lieutenants, they responded by pounding the various ‘agents of violence’, who hitherto gave the State a bad name. GYB also ordered the clearing of bushes, trees, and obstructive objects 40 meters on both sides of the highways in Kogi.

“He enjoys a cordial relationship with security operatives, routinely offering financial and morale support to them.  Beyond that, Governor Bello has given priority to the youths. In his first tenure, over 1000 hectares of land were purchased and shared with the teeming young population, along with mechanised farm implements. He has also involved them in decision-making, assigning security roles to thousands across all the LGAs.

” On top of that, the governor has established a harmonious relationship with traditional rulers. Yet he doesn’t tolerate any lapses. His ‘no-nonsense’ approach led to the suspension of the traditional ruler of Eganyi, the Ohi of Eganyi and Chairman of Ajaokuta Traditional Area Council, Alh. Musa Isa Achuja. This was also extended to the Chairman of Ajaokuta Local Government Area, Mustapha Akaaba, following the killing of three policemen and members of the Kogi State Vigilante service in Ajaokuta on Saturday, the 31st of August, 2022.”

The group, however, urged other governors to quit the blame game and take proactive actions like Bello.

“As critical stakeholders in the region, we are proud of the achievements of Governor Yahaya Bello and wish to encourage him to keep up the good work. Certainly, there will be distractions as seen in the last few days but we want him to remain steadfast on this mission,” the statement added.

“We are, therefore, calling on other governors in the zone and by extension the entire country to take a queue from Bello. It is not enough to blame the Federal Government for everything in your domain, take responsibility. The Bello model is out there for everyone and should be followed.”