15 highest paid footballers (2022)

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Football is unarguably the most popular sport in the world. It is therefore, not surprising that footballers are some of the highest paid athletes on the planet.

However, the amounts some soccer stars pocket per week are mind-blowing.

Today, TNN presents the top 15 earners in the beautiful game.

The list of the highest paid footballers are dominated by Europe-based athletes, with the trio of PSG’s Mbappe, Messi and Neymar occupying the top three.

Manchester United striker, Christiano Ronaldo retains his position as the highest paid player in Premier League with a staggering salary of £515,385 a week.

Senegal and Bayern Munich winger, Sadio Mane is the highest paid African footballer with a salary of £357,733 a week.

See the full list below:

15. TONI KROOS £356,757 a week

14. Sergio busquets £357,733 a week

14. Sadio Mane £357,733 a week

12. David Alaba £365,863 a week

11. Erling Haaland £375,000 a week

10. David De Gea £375,000 a week

9. Karim benzema £390,000 a week

8. Kevin De Bruyne £400,000 a week

7. Sergio Ramos £443,426 a week

6. Frenkie De jong £474,321 a week

5. Eden Hazard £508,143 a week

4. Cristiano Ronaldo £515,385 a week

3. Neymar £916,0446 a week

2. Lionel Messi £1,034,823 a week

1. Kylian Mbappe £1,478,249 a week